April 22, 2014

My Booties!

Hey Dolls!!

You know that feeling you get when you get that new pair of shoes that you think are just EVERYTHING?!  Well that is how I feel about these cute little booties I scored at Marshall's.  They were marked down and I just had to get them.  They are by MIA and super cute and comfy.  Since we had a few cool days here recently I created a layered look to rock with these cute open toed booties.

You guys have seen this blazer on the blog several times.  One of my favorite thrifted items because its so versatile or maybe I just make it that way, LOL!  Now you know me, I feel there are so many ways to rock these booties and living in the climate I live in, I can probably get away with rocking them all year long and that's exactly what I'll do. 
What I'm Wearing:  Thrifted Express Blazer/Target Denim Shirt (Boy's Section)/Kenneth Cole Pocketless Cargo Pants/MIA Booties/Earrings from a Vendor at the ZNH Festival/Burlington Coat Factory Bracelet and Ring/PnK Elephant Necklace
I had fun taking these pictures playing around with my tripod around my house and in my doorway, LOL!!  This might be a new picture taking spot Dolls. I have to get it where I can because the Florida sun can be problematic when using a tripod for pictures. 
Anyhoo Dolls, that is it for today.  I hope you enjoyed my new booties and much as I do.  What has been your most recent shoe purchase(s)?  Let me know!

April 20, 2014

Easter Leopard

Hey Dolls!!

I hope you all are enjoying Easter with your families and loved ones.  I have truly enjoyed Easter 2014.  I decided to wear this cute leopard print Joe Fresh I got a fabulous deal on.  I paid a whole $6.97 for this dress...yesssssssssssssss!!!  Can't beat that Dolls!
What I'm Wearing:  Target Earrings/Joe Fresh Dress/Steve Madden Sandals/Tory Burch Purse/Ann Taylor & Talbot's Bracelets

Well that's all for today Dolls!!  Enjoy the rest of your Easter! 

April 17, 2014


Hey Dolls!!

Do you have that one blazer that makes you feel like you mean BUSINESS?  That is what this blazer does for me.  I had been looking for this classic piece for a while and when I found it I knew it was a good buy.  This is a classic piece that will be in my wardrobe forever.  Trust me!
For today's look, I paired it with some textured solids from different color families that play well together.  This combination of Navy, Nude, Yellow and Oxblood played very well together without being too busy.  Even the extra edge in my leopard print peep toes fit in nicely. 
What I'm Wearing:  Ralph Lauren Blazer/Forever 21 Shirt/Thrifted Silk Pants/Jessica Simpson Peep Toes/Betsey Johnson Purse/Burlington Coat Factory Earrings & Ring and High School Class Ring
Do you Dolls have a power blazer? What does it look like? Is it classic, patterned edgy?  Weigh in Dolls.

April 14, 2014

Sporty Chic

Hey Dolls!!

Question for you...how often do you follow fashion trends?  Often? Never? Sometimes? Randomly?  Well, I can't say its easy for me to answer that question. If I had to answer I'd say it depends on how that trend works for me.  Its probably obvious why I asked that question.  If its not so obvious, I'm asking because I'm rocking the "Sporty Chic" trend today.

The Sporty Chic trend has been going hard for about a year now.  I think last year the trend was more focused on dressing up traditionally athletic pieces and mixing them in with office and weekend casual looks and girly heels. This year I think the trend totally leans more towards statement jackets and coats with more traditional clothes and a bold statement with a more athletic shoe. I've seen the Nike Air Max worn a lot these days.
I have to say I am here for the Sporty Chic trend no matter how its served up unless they bring back tennis shoe heels and I'm done.  I mean, I've gotta draw the line somewhere Dolls!  But I guess you can say in today's look I'm rocking more of last year's trend, but to me it still works.
What I'm Wearing:  H&M Hoodie/Target Denim Shirt and Tank/I Heart Ronson Skirt/Forever 21 Heels and Earrings/BCBG and Target Bracelets
Like I said Dolls, I'm here for this trend because I am truly a girly tomboy (when it comes to style) at heart.  So the Sporty Chic trend is like music to my ears. Bring on the jerseys, leather baseball caps, letterman jackets, embellished sweatshirts and Air Max and let's continue to make them chic Dolls!

March 28, 2014

Finance Friday - Couponing with Niesha

Hey Dolls!!

We're gonna do a first for Finance Friday this week.  Today's post will be a semi-guest post if you can imagine that, LOL!!  I say "semi" because all the credit for this post belongs to my Best Friend Niesha
Niesha has become a couponer and she has been getting fabulous deals all over the place.  This picture is a picture of one Sunday worth of Niesha's coupons. 
I asked Niesha to share her favorite coupon haul (so far) with my readers because you know we are all about being smart with money around these parts.  So here we go.  Niesha breaks it down for us on what she scored on her best haul to date. 

Here's one of my favorite hauls. 21 items for only $11.67!!! Breakdown: 

1. (1) Madison Pine Tree marked down from $39.00 to $9.75 (no coupon used).

2. (6) Gillette Gift Sets (includes razor, shaving cream and cartridge). Marked down from $9.88 to $2.47. Used six $3.00/1 coupons making it a $0.53 money maker in each.

3. (4) Packages of Christmas Napkins marked down from $0.97 to $0.24 (no coupon used).

4. (6) Twin Packages of Febreeze Noticables marked down from $9.47 to $2.36. Used six $2.00/1 coupons bringing them to $0.36 each.

5. (2) Packages of Rayovac Batteries regularly priced $0.97 used two $1.00/1 coupons making it a $0.03 money maker on both. *my daughter put them in her favorite flashlights* cashier forgot to scan the coupons so they're not on the receipt, was given my $2.00 when after checkout.

6. (2) Bags of Milk Duds marked down to $0.50.

My O.O.P. (out of pocket) for regular retail would've been $161.92.  Holiday mark downs total $41.93 but my total after coupons was $13.67 minus the $2.00 the cashier owed for the missed coupons so $11.67!!!! That's 21 items for roughly $0.55 for each item not bad...not bad at all!

I'm continuously amazed at all the deals Niesha manages to get.  She is fairly new to the game but she's well on her way to quickly becoming a "Master Couponer" with her little organized binder and all.  I tease her all the time but what she's doing pays off.  Not only is she saving money for her family, but she also donates items she coupons to the homeless and the less fortunate.  Talk about paying it forward!

As you can see there is kind of a skill set required for the art of couponing.  If you'd like to know more about couponing check out Niesha's recommended sites below:

Also, Social Media is your friend when it comes to couponing.  There are groups you can join on Facebook, Couponers to Follow on Instagram, and Hashtags you can search on Twitter and Instagram for helpful tips from some of the top couponers out there and don't forget about Google and Youtube.

Well Dolls, I hope this information helps.  As usual, you know I want to hear from you.  Are any of my lovely readers couponers?  I know I have some fabulous thrifting fashionistas out there, but what about couponers?  Let me know!