June 20, 2011

Thrifter in Training

Ok, so I am extremely new to Thrift Store Shopping.  But after seeing so many fab finds from the fly girls on the blogs I frequent, I decided to give it a shot.  So far, my thrifting adventures have only led me to two different GoodWill locations in the Tampa Bay area.  I managed to find 3 Fab Blazers, 1 Pair of High Wasted Capri Pants and 1 Studded Belt. 

Take a Look:

Blazer #1

Blazer #2

Blazer #3

High Wasted Capri Pants

Studded Belt

Hey, you have to start somewhere, right?  So, what do you think?  I think I did pretty good for a newbie. 

Fellow Fashionistas, feel free to provide style tips and suggestions on how you would like to see these items rocked. 

More updates of my thrifting adventures coming soon!

Love You for Following,


  1. Girl, at my old job, I had this coworker who would dress ridiculously fierce. I asked her were did she get most of her pieces from. Two words: "Thrift stores." I had a puzzled look on my face for approximately 1.5 mins and then she said "Lets go one day." I went and was amazed at the things u can find. Needless to say, Im too lazy to look but yes, you can find amazing pieces at thrift stores! U found some hidden gems, I would love to see the complete looks u come up with for these! Please post and share later!!!

  2. Ok, I must admit you have an EYE for someone who's in training. I have been thrifting with my Mom for years and I couldn't never just come out with bags full like she do so I feel like I'm still in training myself. You did a FABulous job & I can't wait to see you rock these pieces!!!!

  3. Good Job G! I think thrifting is def. different for us guys but I have had some decent success in my searches. Good post.

    Yep...Heat Show!

  4. those are amazing finds!! love them especially blazer #1 - the color is GORGEOUS!

  5. wow...i think you did great! I pretty useless when it comes to thrifting!
    I can't wait to see how you out them together.

  6. Omg!!!! I love loveeeee your finds ...about to tweet this post :)

  7. love the blazers and belt!! Where in tampa do u go? I live near there!Please check out my blog and follow me on google :-)

  8. Thanks so much everyone! I'm learning :)

    Ashleyrubi - Thanks for the Twitter love, I guess I need to get me a page, huh? LOL!

    Naz - So far, I have only been to two different Goodwill stores. One in Wesley Chapel and one in Brandon (both suburbs of Tampa). I'm heading over to your blog now!


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