July 14, 2011


So the day has FINALLY come that G turns 30!


Wow, I don’t know how I got so OLD so fast! Me turning 30 has truly been an adjustment to say the least. Birthdays are ALWAYS a heavy time of reflection for me. I extensively evaluate where my life is at that moment, how did I get there, and where am I headed. 30 is weighing on me like a ton of bricks! On the bright side, I will be bringing in my 30th Birthday in Jamaica, Yeah Mon! 

Join me in celebrating 30 years of Fabulous me!!!

In preparation for my 30th Birthday, I participated in a Photography Marathon hosted by Royal Events and Services and ZDJ Photography.  This was such a wonderful event.  The Marathons are currently hosted in the following cities:  Tampa, Tallahassee, Atlanta and Miami.  I encourage you to participate if you are in one of these locations, you will get a quality product at an affordable rate.  Royal Events and Services offers professional and elegant event planning/coordinating and design services and is based in Tampa, FL.  Zipporah Davis is an excellent professional photographer that works to create images that are unique to individual personalities for all types of events and is based in McDonough, Georgia.  Check out their blogs for details provided on the links below:

Thank You God for Blessing me to see this day! 

I had a ball in my 20's.  Let's see what the 30's will bring.  


  1. The celebration of LIFE is always a wonderful thing! I thank GOD for allowing you to see 30! You have so much to be thankful for: a JOB, a HOME, and yes, being fashionable aware (is indeed a gift/talent as well). Wishing you a wonderful, prosperous and blessed BIG 30!!!

    We had so much FUN working with you on this photo shoot! You absolutely WERK-ed it!!!! Your fashion sense was amazing and served as inspiration!!! (VICTORIA)


  2. OMG, you kilt that shoot. I LOVE all of these shots!

    Happy B-Day, you make 30 look great!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day and you look super FAB!!!

  4. Girl that photo shoot is the bomb!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO! Kiah

  5. Happy Happy Birthday lady!! Sorry I missed it. The photoshoot is absolutely fabulous! You look so pretty and the outfits are very chic. Luv Luv Luv that head piece!

    Enjoy u'r 30's they are gonna be some of your best years!

  6. You better work! I have those Jessica Simpson leopard peep toes and that heather grey BeBe drape back top...good taste hon!

  7. Victoria - Thank you so much for your kind words, Birthday wishes, and assistance on this shoot! *MUAH*

    Inez - Thank you for the compliments and B-Day Wishes!

    Rose - Thank you so much!!!

    Kiah - Thank you so much!!!

    Lea - Thanks so much for the compliments and Birthday wishes!

    Key - Good Taste indeed. I love those two pitems. I wear them all the time.

  8. Girl 30 looks Great on you! HAppy Belated! I love all of the shots! They say 30 is the new 20!!!


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