August 24, 2011

Wedding Fab!

Tis’ the season of Weddings, Birthdays and all types of fun! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my friend Deatra’s wedding.

Honey, it was all types of fun! I have never been to a wedding like this in my life. Both the Bride and Groom are fun-loving and over the top and the ceremony and reception mirrored their personalities.

Me and the Bride - Dee
Me and the Groom - Morris

I actually prefer when the wedding mirrors the personalities of the Bride and Groom instead of simply a cookie cutter ceremony you have seen time after time. 

Deatra A.K.A. Dee chose a color scheme of Black, Pink, and Silver/Gray and the venue was decorated beautifully!  Check out some snapshots from the event below. 

Both the Bride and Groom are FAMU Alumni and our Alma Mater was heavily represented throught the Wedding.  From the Groom's Entrance Extravaganza all the way to his beautifully crafted Groom's cake!

Here is what I wore to the Fabulous Wedding!

What I'm Wearing: 
Earrings: ALDO
Dress:  Marshall's
Bracelet:  H&M
Shoes: J.Lo
Clutch:  ALDO

The Flyness didn't stop with me.  Guess who I bumped into...My Fly Girls KiKi and Tre'! And you know they brought their A-Game.


I also made a new buddy at the wedding.  Alfred and he was very well styled.  Take a look at his ensemble below:

Even with all the extras, the ceremony was beautiful and I am happy for the newlyweds. I wish you all the best! Thank you for sharing your special day with me. 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Morris Martin!

Love You for Following,


  1. What a lovely bride! You ladies looked great!


  2. What an adorable couple. Congratulations to them!


  3. Congrats to the lovely couple... everything & everyone look beautiful!!!!

  4. Congrats to the couple. Everyone looks amazing!

  5. Thanks for the compliments ladies! The Wedding was so fab!

    7eventh Letter

  6. Deatra Martin-NewlywedAugust 24, 2011 at 7:55 PM

    Thank you so much for the spotlight Diva G!! You captured our special day so fabulously!! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself!! Love ya lots!!

  7. You look awesome woman! Congrats to the bride and groom! FAMU stand up!!! That's my alma mater too!

  8. OMG the wedding just looks soooo FAB! I love the details! The bride looked amazing! Very very stunning!!!

  9. What a beautiful bride!! You look beautiful girl! I love love love your haircut! Kiah

  10. Congrats to the lovely couple! Your dress was BADD! DId you go to FAMU? I went to FSU! We were probably in Tally around the same time.

  11. Summer weddings are the best! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

    You guys look ultra fab for the wedding!! You and your friend favor and I love the bob cuts you both rock! I'll have to try that ;-)

  12. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and what a beautiful couple! You looked great too...
    I will be getting married next June so stay tuned to the blog. I am a bride to be on a budget.


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