September 6, 2011

Color Me P-I-N-K!

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Hey Dolls!

First off, let me start off by wishing my beautiful God Daughter a Happy 4th Birthday.  I LOVE you Boop!!!  Enjoy your Birthday. 

Now on to Blog Business.  I wore this outfit to dinner to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

Remember these pink jeans I purchased from Zara during the 4th of July Weekend?  I Love these jeans, talk about POP of color!!!

With these jeans being so powerful, I didn’t want to overdo it with the color, so I did pair it with all white on top. However, I did include some very pretty and playful colorful accents with my accessories.

I am still holding on to summer as long as I possibly can! Color helps with that. I also wanted to get wearing my white in as well, which brings me to another fashion issue I’m now on the fence about. The dreaded white after Labor Day discussion…  

Being from a climate that truly has 4 seasons has made me a stickler for this rule. I have always been a NO WHITE after Labor Day girl, even as long as I’ve been in Florida; I have stuck to this rule. But I am thinking about breaking it. Because as I said, you can flirt with Summer for a long time here and it doesn’t snow so I don’t have to worry about my white getting dirty and damaged due to weather conditions.

What I'm Wearing:
Scarf:  Forever 21
Earrings: Bakers
Blazer:  Old Navy
Tank:  Target
Necklace:  Forever 21
Bracelet & Ring:  Flea Market
Belt:  H&M (old)
Jeans:  Zara
Shoes:  Aldo 

And you know what else; people in Florida (that I run into anyway) don’t make a BIG deal about it. What do you guys think? WHITE…a yes or no after Labor Day?  Tell me how you feel!

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  1. Happy birthday Boop!! Really feeling the outfit! But the shoes are HOT!!

  2. Happy birthday to your very cute god daughter!

    And I LOVE that pop of pink and turquoise with the all white top! White blazers are so chic, and I love the way you paired it!

    xo, sam

  3. You Goddaughter is sooooo freggin cute!!! You look hawt! Love the pink on you! You accessorized nicely. (I was in Tally from 99-04! We probably partied at the same spots...small world)

  4. LOVE how your wearing colored jeans! Come by and enter my giveaway at

  5. Hey Sis -

    As a Saint Louis native like yourself, I've been a stickler for this rule but has definitely thrown it away. I threw it away because it typically doesn't cool off until late October or November here; and let's face it, winter white is just too hot for this rule. I think if you pair it with some nice colors like you have, it's a valid reason to keep wearing white.

    Rules are made to be broken! Happy Birthday Boop.



  6. Your God daughter is too cute! I could just squeeze her all day! Love those pink pants with the bright shoes! Super fun! You look great! Kiah

  7. Super Cute G! I love how u accessorized and turned this to a super cute weekend outfit!!! love it!!!

  8. Happy Bday my little angel!!! That rule should be abolished; winter white is so dope, classy and just hot (as stated by Jajuana)!!! I mean if people wear Uggs in the summer, what's wrong with white in the fall/winter!?!

    Again Happy Birthday to my Miss J. Giselle

  9. Happy Birthday to your cute little God daughter.

    Your outfit is so cute. Love the pink jeans with the teal heels.


  10. You are rocking those pink jeans!
    As a New Yorker who's been in FL for 13 years, it took me a long time, but now I rock white whenever I want.

  11. Your God daughter is adorable! I'm lovin' everything about your outfit...and those teal heels are toooo freakin' cute!


  12. What a super cute little girl! I love your outfit...gimme that head band, lol. White is for every fashion follower here ;-)

    Twitter -

  13. How cute is your godbaby
    I love those pink pants
    and I definitely will wear white whenever I feel like it! LOL

  14. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments! I will also send Boop the Birthday Wishes! Glad to have new followers and commenters and looks like white after Labor Day wins the argument!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  15. Hey G!! Boop is too adorable -- with her little cute self! The outfit is gorge and I like the headband/scarf! I've run into a few but never purchased b/c I wasn't sure how it would look, but you're rockin it girl! I may have to try it!
    I love the pink with the teal shoes too!

    As for white after Labor Day, I'm going to do so up until end of September then I'll be packing it away. Being in Chicago it's a rule I must stick too...

  16. Send me them shoooeeesssss..... U look so freakin cute!!!


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