September 27, 2011

Cute, Casual, Cool

Hey Dolls!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  I certainly did.  I got out and explored another section of Tampa that I have never really had a good reason to go to until this weekend.  When I tell you I felt like I was in a different city.  I saw all kinds of cute little boutiques and eateries that I will have to try.  But there was only so much time in the day.  My first stop took so much time; I kind of had to rush through the others just to make it in time before they closed. 

I had the MOST amazing Thrifting Saturday ever (well, so far anyway)!  Earlier this year, my co-worker Dorine was admiring one of my very first Thrifting finds and I told her I found it at The Goodwill.  She shared that one of her girlfriends finds the best things at Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops here in the Tampa Bay Area.  So she gathered a list for me and I FINALLY went. It was amazing I tell you.  The place I spent the MOST time in was Sunshine Thrift Store.  This place was great!!!!  I got so many great things.  I can’t wait to show you guys.

After I left Sunshine, I made it to two more locations they were consignment shops.  The second spot was Triage Consignment Shop.  And the third stop of the day was FreshThreads, a Designer Consignment Boutique. I fell in LOVE with this place.  They have some of the nicest things at a great price!!!  The owner Juli was so nice and friendly.  I will definitely be back there!!! 

I can’t wait to show you guys my Thrift Store finds!  I have to get my pictures together.  Stay tuned!  

On to my outfit.  I have been looking for me some cute and inexpensive colored jeans since late last year.  So you know I was geeked when I found these at Marshall’s last month for $15.  Yesssssss!  I got a blue pair as well. Since I knew I would be Thrifting, I wanted to keep it comfy and casual and of course CUTE!!!!

I paired these jeans with a white shirt and my classic white Converse or as we call them in the Lou – CHUCKS!  Chucks NEVER go out of style. I Love them!  I added a few red and gold accents to complete my look and there you have it. 

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt:  H&M
Pants:  U-51 via Marshall’s
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets:  Bakers & JoAnn’s Fabrics
Earrings:  JCPenney (OLD)
Sunnies:  Steve Madden
Ring:  Flea Market
Belt:  Target

Love You for Following,


  1. F-YRE and casual! Loving the look honey; WURRRK! And no, CHUCKS never go out of style. Can't wait to see your thrifting finds.

  2. Love the color...reminds me this is our last bit of summer!

  3. Aloha from Hawaii!!! Love the blog makeover especially because of the logo created by yours truly :) hehehe...Also, love this outfit. You will not believe this G. I wore the blue pair the same exact way (leopard print belt) and all here while in Hawaii! Isn't that crazy!!! Anywho, you guys are going to have too much fun here. I dont EVER want to leave. Beautiful weather and amazing postcard views!!!

    Mahalo! Victoria

  4. Those pants are a great colour!

  5. Wow... I can't believe you found those skinnies in Marshall's for only $15!!!!! I'm soooo jelly... I want some RED skinnies. You look supa cool & cute!!!! BTW, Converse are my go to tennis shoes!!!! Like forreal...

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend of Thrifting!!!!


  6. Those pants are "FIRE"...nuff said! Kiah

  7. Ahh $15 for those jeans?! They're amazing! And I love how you've styled them - the leopard belt is just perfection! :)

    sorelle in style

  8. Thanks so much for the LOVE!!! Victoria, I can't believe you took time to comment from Hawaii. New Readers/Commenters, I am on my way to your sites now.

  9. Love this look! Really love how you threw in the leopard belt ;)

  10. thx for your lovely comment !!
    great post :)
    now i'm following you :)
    melina from

  11. cute cute cute !!! love those pants, so cool.

  12. Love this outfit.. love the leopard belt with it.

  13. Cute fun the casual feel. So comfy yet stylish.


  14. Did you say the LOU!? Hmmmm we sho' do call them Chucks!
    Did you eat white castle, red hot riplets, sundance and imo's pizza!



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