September 26, 2011

Moo Cards and Cute Things in Strange Places!

Hey Dolls!

I don’t know how many of you shop at or have an Old Time Pottery in your City.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to have an Old Time Pottery in your particular city, its heaven for knick nacks and home décor. But who knew they also had cute accessories?!?!?!  Not me, that's for sure.

Imagine my surprise when I found the cutest little necklaces and bracelets in there for the low.  I found one colorful beaded necklace and bracelet set that I have now started calling “Penny Candy”, LOL!! Isn’t it the cutest?  You can do so much with this set. 

I also found a cute set of long lavender pearls that came with some earrings. The earrings aren’t the cutest, but maybe I can re-construct them into something pretty. 

Then I also found another bracelet with black and turquoise beads and a cross. Its super cute too!  I can’t wait to rock them all, and I will definitely be checking out my Old Time Pottery on a regular basis now.

Next on the agenda are my MOO MiniCards. 

I saw these on a few other blog sites and thought they were the cutest and creative things, especially for Fashion Bloggers. I purchased the MOO MiniCards, and “mini” they are LOL!  You probably can't tell from the pictures how small they are, but TRUST me. Even though they are tiny, they are SUPER cute.  I’m kind of nervous to pass them out because they are such a non-traditional business card and they are so small!  I don’t want them to be lost due to size.

Aside from the size, I was very impressed with the quality of the cards.  The MOO people do good work! I know you can’t tell from my crappy camera, but the pictures are great quality as well as the font and lettering detail on the opposite side.  They also have a thickness to them better than the quality of a regular business card.  The package I chose was the 100 cards for $19.99.  I ended up choosing between 23 different outfits for my cards as you can tell, some looks will have more cards - obviously.  But the cool part is, you can choose to divide your 100 cards up in whatever way you like! The opposite side of the card includes my name, contact number, site URL, and email address.  I also purchased the MOO MiniCard holder so that I can stay ready at all times. I opted for pink, since they didn't have RED, LOL!!!!!

All in all I like the MOO MiniCards a lot!  But for my next order, I think I will opt for the regular sized Business Cards.  If you’re interested in ordering MOO Cards, check out the site here.  At checkout, enter QYKW6H and receive 15% off your order (1st time customers ONLY).  MOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  They’re great!  

SN:  I hope you like the new changes in my blog design.  I'm trying to keep it fresh for my wonderful followers.  I truly appreciate the LOVE and support you give What's More Important Than Fashion?

Love You for Following,


  1. I have been looking for new cards to showcase my blog, earrings and MARK products. Thank you so much for this. I love your cards - they are super CUTE!!!! and that "penny candy" set - in love!!!

  2. OMG I love the penny candy set! Super cute! Love the mini cards. My friend Juanette has some of those. They are too cute! I want to thank you for all of your sweet comments! Kiah

  3. I never knew Old Time Pottery sold accessories; I was just in one. Hmmmmmm...... Thanks for the tip. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new change sto the blog, it looks amazing! And the Moo cards are super cute.

  4. That's really cool. I don't think we have that here in England.

  5. I was actually thinking about ordering from MOO. Wasn't too sure of the quality. From what I can see, your cards look great!

  6. Who knew Old Time Pottery sold jewelry??? Got to check out my stores more closely.

    I like the idea behind MOO. Super cute!

  7. Ladies I was shocked and pleasantly surprised myself to find jewelry at Old Time Pottery - Cute jewelry at that!!! For those considering the MOO cards, I highly recommend them. They are good quality, especially if you're pictures have been taken with a good camera to begin with.

  8. and to think, I was about to order more cards from Vista!! lol Thanks for the tip!
    -E. Louise

  9. Ooo I love those. I have to try and order some too!

  10. I totally want a moo card! They are tooo cute!

  11. Cool !! I would like to have these too :)...
    Plastic Cards Monster
    Plastic Cards


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