September 22, 2011

Reppin' FAMU

Hey Dolls!

So this past weekend, My Alma Mater Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) had a football game in Tampa against USF.  Unfortunately, we didn’t win the football game but we WON the Halftime Show for sure!!!  It was so funny that the USF fans were trying to heckle us, knowing full well that the majority of FAMU Fans came to see the BAND!!!!!  As expected, The Marching 100 did not disappoint. 

I think you can guess by now that all the FAMU Atmosphere in Tampa inspired this look. I am reppin’ FAMU in a way that I have never done before with my clothes.  Usually, when I’m wearing my FAMU gear it’s so literal.  A T-Shirt, A polo, or matchy, matchy orange and green look.  I decided to have fun this time.  I just love how my little snake bracelet ties into the look.  For those of you who don’t know our colors are Orange and Green and our mascot is a Rattler (rattle snake).  

I’m not gonna lie, I wish I would have had an opportunity to rock this look on campus!  I’m sure my shoes would have been different though.  That Tallahassee heat and all those hills were no joke, plus I was younger and had more of a sexy tomboy feel to my style then, so the shoes probably would have been Timbs or Shell Toe Adidas

What I'm Wearing:
Earrings:  Body Shop
Necklace:  Forever 21
Blazer:  Thrifted
Shirt: Zara
Skirt:  H&M
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson
Ring:  Rock Kandy Accessories
Bracelet:  Old Navy

All in all, I’m a Die Hard Rattler with Pride and I am not afraid to show it! FAMU!!! Tell me, what is your Alma Mater? What are the colors? Do you ever rock them now?


  1. that green blazer is ahh-mazing!

  2. Love your green blazer, this shade is so unique.

  3. i like the shoes, but cant wear hiheels anymore u look cute as always

  4. I went to the University of Delaware. Im a proud blue hen and often wear blue/gold to represent.

    Loving the look and loving your school pride!!!

  5. I love that you're repping your Alma Mater; YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This is a cute look and if your were on campus, they would have to watch out.

    Totally wanting to do a drive by on the blazer, shoes and earrings. Smooches, J

  6. love your blog!
    hurry and come enter my giveaway for a GORGEOUS black strapless dress from PromGirl, valued at over $150! the giveaway is open until this sunday at midnight, so get to it! i hope to see your name as an entry!


  7. G! Love your FAMU inspired look and how you make going to a football game look so glamorous (even if it technically wasn't worn on campus)!

    xo, sam

  8. Great outfit! We love the blazer and its color! Amazing!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  9. I am in love with your green blazer and that dotted blouse is fabulous darling! I love love love your haircut! Kiah

  10. The Rattlers with "Strike...Strike...and Strike again"....FAMU alumni stand up! I love my school too so I love your outfit ;-) I'm actually looking for a orange blazer/jacket to rock to the Classic. We'll see.

  11. great pics! great style :)
    would u like to follow each other? :)
    melina from

  12. U betta REPRESENT the 'U' BABBBBBYYYY.... Loving the colors - the BLAZER is the BOMB!!!!

  13. your blazer is just so hot...the colour is really nice.....

  14. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I guess this blazer is a keeper, huh? I LOVE IT TOO!!!! **FAMU BABY**

  15. Caught the marching 1000, I mean 100 @ the ATL Classic 2011! You make orange and green look Great!
    ~E. Louise


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