October 9, 2011

I'm a KREATIV Blogger!!!!

Hey Dolls!!

Looks like it is Award Season on the blogsphere and I am a PROUD recipient.  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Trice of High Heels and Good Meals and Dazzled and Fabulous for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award!  

I’m so thankful that readers like Trice and Dazzled and Fabulous love my blog enough to read regularly and pass me awards.  Be sure to check both of these ladies blogs out.  I would have given them this award had they not beat me to the punch!!

Trice has a very unique approach to combining her love for Fashion and Food.  Her style is HOT and her food reviews are the best!  She keeps me hungry, LOL!!!! 

Dazzled and Fabulous has an amazing Fashion sense, a powerful story, and wonderful online jewelry site. 

Ok, so for the rules of the award:
1.               Link back to the person who passed you the award
2.               Complete the form below
3.               Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it
4.               Share 7 random things about yourself

The Form
Name your favorite song:  Ok, so there is absolutely no way to answer this question!  Are you kidding me?  Ok, Ok I will just have to give my “FAVORITE” song of the moment:  Chris Brown - She Ain’t You.  I blast this song EVERY Time I hear it.  I’m loving it right now. 

Name your favorite dessert:  My Mama’s cupcakes!  They are so delicious!!!  When I can’t get her cupcakes, DOUBLE Stuffed Oreos – They have to be DOUBLE Stuffed the regular ones won’t do.

What pisses you off: People that don’t try to better themselves and get mad or ridicule those that do.  Improvement and Growth are a MUST in life!!!

When you're upset, you: Go Shopping!!!!  If the stores are closed, I have a nice glass of Merlot to calm down. 

Your favorite pet: I’m not really a pet person.  But I do think this is the cutest dog I have ever seen. 

Black or white: BLACK

Black Heart Image

Your biggest fear:  This is a loaded question, I have more than one.  Not being able to retire tax free, when I do get married – my husband dying first, and the last one is my house catching on fire.

Best feature: My SMILE

Everyday attitude: Respect People, Make Money, Have Fun!

What is perfection: Jesus Christ

Guilty pleasure: Hmm…I have so many let’s see:  Reality TV, Candy and Watching Infomercials – especially the ones with some new food gadget.

7 Random Facts About Myself

1.   I am a DIE HARD Los Angeles Lakers Fan!  ALWAYS have been, ALWAYS will be. 
2.   I am going to Hawaii for the FIRST time in 10 days!!!!!  So EXCITED
3.    I love pictures, I cherish them.  I NEVER throw any pictures away. 
4.    I have celebrity friends in my head like Wendy Williams, LOL!!!  
5.    Me and my friends used to SERIOUSLY think that we were TLC when we were younger.  I was Left Eye
6.    I secretly wish I could have Rihanna’s and the Kardashian’s shopping budget. 
7.    I really want to learn how to apply my make-up like a professional Make-Up Artist.

Passing The Torch To:

Fashion, Your Real Excitement – This is my sister’s blog.  She is a newbie to blogging just like me but she has plans on doing BIG things.  Check her site out, its FYRE!

Royal Events and Services – This is my friend Victoria’s blog.  She is a Wedding Wiz!  She specializes in Brides on a Budget.
Style Chic 360 – I absolutely LOVE Inez and her blog.  She is such a great blogger and doesn’t mind sharing the love with things like her Certified Chic Clique and Chic Beauty of the Week.

Re-Tell Therapy – Lea is so fab and fly and she does it all in a financially conscious way; no retail prices for this Fly Girl!

Beauty Fash – You have to check out Lexy! This is one of my FAVORITE blogs.  She is so fly and so creative.  I’m loving her Fall Trends Spotlight

Style & Poise – I love her blog and her style.  She is so cute and stylish.  I really love her YouTube videos where you can see her bubbly personality

Shop Now, Save Later – This girl is so Fly to me.  I live for her style.  Its fearless and bold.   You will LOVE Ty’s style too.  Check her out. 

From “REZ” To The “City” – Kiah’s style is fierce.  She is always coming with something good.  She is great at mixing vintage pieces and current items in her wonderful wardrobe.
J’Adore-Fashion – Stella is gorgeous with a gorgeous style.  She is great at wearing bright colors and bold patterns and adding that boho look into her chic style.

Just Patience – This is a “New to Me” blog.  But I am loving Patience, her style, and her blog.  She is so well put together.  Her style is classic with unexpected pops!

Be sure to check out and support these Kreativ Blogs.  You won't be disappointed!

Love You for Following,


  1. I feel you on the "friends in my head" lol I have several. Enjoy your vacation too!!! Congrats on the award!!!!


  2. Awww, I love you for loving me! Thanks for the award. I really appreciate it. I love your smile also. Very pretty. I know you'll enjoy Hawaii. Will be looking out for pics. :)


  3. I love how you used pictures to illustrate your responses. So creative!!! (Get it? Creative?)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Awww yeah G for receiving this honorable blogger award! You truly have jumped into the blogging world and made a statement! Keep it up!I truly appreciate being a recipient of this KREATIV blogger award! Blogging allows me to debut our recent work as well as hopefully inspiration for a bride in need!!!! Thanks again for the award and shout out!!!


  5. congrats on your award!

    your blog is rather different...I love how you speak on finances (or anything related). I find these topics very informative.

    also, I'm not so sure about the whole Lakers fan thing *rolling eyes* lol

    but I'm totally feeling you on the double stuffed oreos!

  6. congrats on the award! you look so much like serena williams!

  7. Congratulations on the award! I am the same...if I have a bad day then I go shopping otherwise it is Merlot as well! Is that the drink of choice for annoyed finance professionals??? hahaha

  8. Aww..thanks so much for your support and the award..truly means alot! And more importantly CONGRATS to you! I will be re-posting soon...


  9. Oh and I forgot to mention...it's good to learn more about the person behind the blog...we have many similar interests :-)

  10. Thanks for the sweet comment hun!! Great I'll follow you straight away! Keep it up , you got such a great blog Xx

  11. Congrats and I enjoyed reading the post so much =)
    I like that puppy dog in the pic, how cute and I am not even a dog person ! You do have a lovely smile :-) Do you want us to follow each other ? I'd like that. Kisses from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  12. AWE thank you thank you for the award!

    I loved learning more about you! Can you take me with you Hawaii....please!

    Going to check out some of the ladies I don't know. :)

  13. Congrats on your award:) such a nice blog, love the finance parts:)


  14. Cute blog! And yes u have a gorgeous smile! :)

  15. Love this post! Thanks a lot for the award! I wish was going to Hawaii too :(

    Love reading about you!


  16. Aren't these awards so much fun? Thank you for the love and for those of you who I passed the torch to, You deserve it and I can't wait to learn more about you!!! New readers, commenters and followers - Welcome and please come back, you're the BEST!!!

    7eventh Letter

  17. Congrats on your award!

    Less Is More

  18. Warm congratulations on the award lovely lady. So enjoyed learning more about You. And I shall visit the blogs you mentioned above. Have a sweet day;-)

  19. Awe you are too sweet! Thank you so much for the award and love! You are just too cute! Now what time do we leave for Hawaii? lol That little dog is so cute and I want it! Your smile is very beautiful! Are you in the finance industry? I used to work for a firm that offered accounting, tax and advisory, tax services, attest and audit, accounting software solutions, corporate recovery and turnaround consulting, not for profit solutions, enterprise risk management, internal audit, international services, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, and focused industry services. Kiah

  20. Thanks G!!! :) I always love reading random facts. Shopping and wine when upset or stressed? ME TOO! LOL! And I know you are so excited to go to Hawaii, it's my DREAM vacation, enjoy!

  21. Thanks G for the AWARD, I'm sooooo honored that you passed the torch. I will make sure I respond on my blog tonight.

    Also, congrats on your award. It's definitely worthy, you are KREATIV!

  22. Congrats on the BLOG AWARD!!!!

    I am LOL @ Celebrity Folks being in your head!!!! 2 funny...

  23. G!!!! Thx for the award diva!! Luv the random facts AND i"m such a Wendy fan! Going to check out some of the other fly chica's!

  24. I love this! I too wish I had Kim and Rhianna's fashion budget. I also was Left Eye when me and my friends were TLC.

  25. Didn't know they had those oreos.


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