November 8, 2011

Primary Colors

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well.  I am such a HAPPY Blogger right now!  I am overjoyed that I have reached 100+ Followers via Google Friend Connect!!!!  I know this pales in comparison to some of you Big Time Bloggers out there with close to 1,000 followers or even more.  I will get there one day.  I’m just happy that even this many people tune in to my blog now, I LOVE you guys!!!!!

I am also happy to say that the majority of my outfit is Thrifted.  The only things that didn’t come from one of my thrifting trips are my shoes and my necklace.  I don’t know if you have tried it yet, but Thrifting has totally changed my life.  I love how you can stay on top of trends and express your creativity without breaking the bank – you all know I’m about staying Fashionable and Financially Aware. 

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt:  Thrifted – Salvation Army
Pants:  Thrifted – Sunshine Thrift Store
Shoes:  Mix via MJM
Earrings:  Thrifted – Salvation Army
Necklace:  Forever 21

All of these pieces are very functional and mix and match well.  I can wear these pieces in so many ways and trust me, you will see them worn all kids of ways.  And my earrings...aren't they the cutest?  I saw these babies for $4 at The Salvation Army and just had to have them! (Pay no attention to the interference of my sideburns, LOL!)

I really enjoyed rocking these Primary Colors.  Wearing COLOR in the Fall is a great thing.  I know I can get away with more because I'm in a warmer climate, but where ever you are I, encourage you to throw color on year round.  It makes you feel good!

So in closing you guys, I will be posting a Giveaway this weekend to celebrate me breaking 100 Followers on Google Friend Connect.  Be sure you come back and check for details!!!  

Love You for Following,


  1. Gimme your shoes girl please!! Congrats on reaching over 100 readers through GFC!!! Love the photos! And you need to mail me those earrings lol.


  2. I just love the combination of color you have going on. Very cute for the fall.

  3. Nice primary color blocking. Congrats on 100.

  4. Love these colors!!! I am a new follower via Bloglovin and a new blogger as well. I hope to reach 100 sometime soon!!!

  5. Congrats on 100 followers G!! YAY!

    That outfit is so bright and happy! And you know I love thrifting too!! ;)

  6. Hey G! Happy "One hunn-ed" as we would say here in Chi city!

    I hadn't even read the post, after looking at the first pic I was thinkin G done color blocked the primary colors AND I need them red shoes! lol! Hey lady -- lookin good!


  7. Girrrrl, go head on wit'cha baaaad self!!!! I'm feeling them colors!!!! You are looking great & LOVE the shoes!!!! The pictures are PERFECT!

    BTW, if you don't get over to my blog & claim yo' earrings u better!!!! LOL!!!!

    Congrats on the 100!!!!

  8. You are pretty fierce girl and those shoes are HOT HOT HOT! Love the color combo and congrats on reaching 100 followers!!


  9. Congrats! Keep up the great work!Love the red shooties.

    Less Is More

  10. You look awesome in this colour blocked outfit! And yes....thrifting gives a lot of my readers a high, after my consignment shopping excursion I am hooked!

  11. Brilliant colors!

  12. The primary colorblocking is something fierce! The shoes are even more fierce!

    As far as is definitely and awesome thing. You find so many unique items and get the trends for cheap! Im a

    Congrats on the 100!!!

  13. Those Shoes are HOTT!!! Congrats on your followers!!!

  14. Hi !! Your blog is really amazing and I follow you naturally !!
    If you want you could visit and follow mine if if you like it !
    xo xo

  15. Awesome thrifted pieces. With outfits like this you'll be on your way on top in no time. These color look amazing on you :-)

    Fashion Nostalgia

  16. You did that with these colors!!! OMG you have a n MJM??? I love that store!

  17. I love mixing primary colors...looks awesome!

  18. Your outfits are so bright and beautiful!
    Love the earrings.

  19. I love this color combo, more and more I'm wanting to bust out of my safe zone of neutral colors and splash myself with brights...soon I will, lol.


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