November 14, 2011

Velvet Rider

Hey Dolls!!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Mine was very uneventful and that was cool with me.  I feel like I have been ripping and running all year long.  So far, November has been my most relaxing month of the year, LOL!!!  Well that is until I head home to St. Louis for Thanksgiving (my FAVORITE holiday).  I know I won’t get any down time while I’m there but that’s cool.  I’m excited for this trip.  I haven’t been home in awhile and I can’t wait to eat some of my Mama’s food!!! 

The start of my relaxing "Low-Key" Weekend began with me checking out what was happening on Twitter on Friday night and saw a tweet from @OloriSWANK saying that she’d added new items to her online shop.  Being a LOVER of her style, I had to go and check em’ out.  Naturally, I saw multiple items that I wanted and I went to add some things to my cart and my PayPal account was giving me problems. UGH!!  So I tweeted that back and she let me know there was an option to purchase without PayPal. 

I was excited, but somebody was holding the items in their cart that I wanted, so I had the sad face.  Then Olori tweeted me back that the user didn’t buy the item and if I wanted it to purchase NOW!!!  And that’s exactly what I did.  I am now the proud owner of this Vintage St. John Sweater Dress!  I LOVE this dress and I’m so excited for the arrival.  St. John is one of those brands that makes pieces that will be wearable FOREVER.  So this was a very worthwhile purchase.  I made some folks on Twitter MAD with this purchase too, LOL!!  It was a very "HOT" item.  I’m so glad I joined Twitter!  If you guys don’t know about Olori SWANK check her blog out here!  Her style is so fly and out of the box!  

What I’m Wearing:
Blazer:  Express (Thrifted)
Shirt:  H&M
Leggings, Earrings & Necklaces:  Forever21
Ring:  Flea Market
Bracelets:  Random
Boots:  Target
Meanwhile, check me out in my Velvet Leggings!  I have to say, these were a pleasant surprise.  They are super comfy and the velvet texture provides something extra to just wearing plain old leggings.  I found these last year at Forever 21 on the clearance rack for just $2.99!  When I first saw them, I thought...interesting.  What can I wear with these?  You can wear them with whatever you want!  I have another pair in purple that I wore in my very first blog post.  Check it out here

Oh and before I forget, I also took the time to create a Facebook Page for the Blog.  Be sure to go and “Like” the page! 

Love You for Following,


  1. I'm in love with those leggings! HOT HOT HOT! What a great deal.

    I am excited for Thanksgiving too! Can't wait. Getting all my elastic pants ready! HA!


  2. Aaaaaaw Yay!!! I'm glad you got it. I can't wait to see how you rock it. SUPER EXCITED for Thanksgivivng! (It's my fave holiday as well).


    Olori Swank

  3. Girl those velvet leggings!! Love! Olori's style is so dope...glad you were able to purchase the dress after all.


  4. love the leggings!! I have a black pair in my "leggings" drawer that i always forget to pull out. I need to rock them this fall/winter! You look amazing <3

  5. Leggings are badddddddddddd!! Love them!!! And for that price they are def a steal!

  6. I so want your velvet leggings! And you got them at such a steal!! They look great with those boots too.

    You betta werk!!

  7. G! Those leggings are super haute girl!! LOVE them, and awesome deal in burgundy and purple! They look great with the boots and simple white button down!

    AND OMG!! Congrats on that St.John dress!! It's beautiful and is definitely a classic!


  8. oh man, I need those leggings! I love them! You look so fab, I am loving this outfit on you.

    Congrats on your St. John score, can't wait to see it on you!

  9. Those boots are just too cute!

  10. I love your velvet pants!! great style!

    Check out my blog for a chance to win a Sephora giftcard!

  11. Very cute boots and jackets. I love laid back days.

  12. I love the velvet leggings and especially the price!!! What a great find! They look great!

  13. OK...I don't know how I missed this post! Those velvet leggings are pretty FAB girl and the pop of color with the necklace is purrr-fect! I LOVE this look on you!


  14. I'm loving your tights!!


  15. Can I have those boots?? I love them! You took awesome pictures :)

    Check out my blog


  16. Those boots are from Target??? Wow they are fab!


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