November 20, 2011

What to Wear With My Shoes?

Hey Dolls!

Is it safe to say that even Fashionistas have dilemmas they can’t solve for themselves?  Sometimes we pick pieces that we just have to have and we’ll figure out what to do with them later.  Or we may just be a Shoe Lover and think about clothes last.  Well that is the case with this particular inquiry with my girl Victoria.

A while ago, Victoria sent me a picture of some shoes she purchased and she just thought they were to die for.  The problem was, she had no idea what to wear with them.  That’s where I came in and I was HAPPY to help!

Victoria what I like to call a "Certified Shoe Freak!"  This is not the only pair of shoes that she needs assistance with, my girl has so many.  But these were the priority.  Here are the shoes:

Aren't they C-U-T-E?  I figured since these shoes are so lively and colorful, I think they work well with Textured Neutral Pieces and Colorful Accessories.  Check out some looks I put together on Polyvore for Victoria to rock with her shoes: 

Military Inspired Chic Look - As we have seen for the past few years, Military Inspired pieces have been a recent staple on the Runways and in the Everyday Fashionista's Wardrobe.  Since this would be considered more of a Spring/Summer Shoe, I wanted to give Victoria room to actually transition this shoe to the Fall Season.  Victoria is a Central Florida resident as well, so she can take advantage of some extra weeks of warmer weather through the Fall months and still wear her fabulous shoes!  Remember, we are all about being Fashionable and Financially Aware.  So we LOVE and always approve of items that you can enjoy practically all year.   More Bang for your Buck!

Denim Delights - Now for some people Denim is making a "comeback", but for others, Denim is a Wardrobe Staple!  I used Denim Dresses to illustrate how they can be revved up and lively with colorful jewelry, belts and of course the shoes.  Wearing a dress with the shoes, provides opportunity to show off the beautiful detail in the wedged heel.  This look could be worn anywhere from a Casual Friday at work to a Relaxing Weekend Afternoon Outing.  

Ravishing Rompers - Rompers are such fun Fashionable Pieces.  They can be dressed up or down to be worn Day or Night.  Here we display two ways Rompers can be accessorized with Victoria's shoes.  The first look is perfect for Date Night or Drinks with the Girls.  The second look is more suited for an Afternoon Lunch Date, Brunch, or just a cute look for being Out and About.  Its totally up to the Fashionista's style and comfort level.  

So Victoria, I hope you are pleased to know that you picked some great shoes that have versatility that is limitless.  I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and have fun rocking these shoes!!!

To all of my lovely readers, feel free to send in your Fashion Inquiries to:  I would LOVE help you with your Fashion and Finance related questions!!  Well, that's it for today Dolls.  Stay Fly and Financially Aware!

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  1. All great ideas.. And those shoes are Super Cute... I got the same bug ur friend has lol...

  2. I like military chic :)
    Love Lois xxx

  3. love the looks you put together to go with her shoes!!! Definitely fabulous - love them all!
    Xox <3 An
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  4. Great suggestions! Love that you went neutral outfits with pops of color in the accessories with the shoes.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  5. wow! very pretty! my personal favorite is Denim Delight! perfect


  6. Hey goes it? I have a denim dress very similar tot he 2nd on the left. Love the outfits you put together, they look fabulous with the shoes!

  7. The shoes are pretty and will give a nice pop of color to any outfit.


  8. G! You are awesome! I've had the same dilemma (but with yellow suede loafers I got on sale)!! I wore them the other day and looked like a bumblebee- post coming soon! I LOVE your great ideas for Victoria! Girl, you are GOOD!!


  9. wow, those yellow heels are supercute!

  10. I love all of the outfits that you picked for her. I have a pair of yellow shoes and I find myself wearing them with a variety of pink outfits. For some reason, I love yellow and pink together.

  11. You're a pro! Victoria can't go wrong with any of these options!!

  12. Really good options.

  13. Those are some cute shoes! And like you've shown, there are so many ways to wear them :)

  14. - I Love Everything Yuh've Paired The Shoes With... && Those Shoes Are FIYAAA.!


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