December 7, 2011

Janet ~ Number Ones...Up Close and Personal

Hey Dolls!!!!

So as you may know by now, on Sunday I attended the BEST concert of my life:  

Janet – Number Ones…Up Close and Personal

Now, I am not easily excited or easy to please at all but, I MUST say Janet Jackson gave me everything I needed at her concert.  I have been a Fan FOREVER and to see her live and to sit as close as I was – PRICELESS!!!  I stood up practically the entire show, even during her ballads.  I only sat during stage transitions, even then I was to excited to sit still, LOL!!!  My ONLY regret is that I never got an opportunity to attend a Janet Jackson concert before now! 

She opened up with Pleasure Principle, one of my all-time favorites!  I was in heaven.  Then when she sang Love Will Never Do – I thought I was gonna die.  Those are my two FAVORITE Janet songs of all and it's hard to choose because her catalog is bananas.  Hard to believe that she is 45 years old and hitting her dance moves with no problem!  She worked it all night in Black Denim Levi Jeans, a Black T-shirt, combat boots and some Razzle Dazzle in her accessories – DIVA STYLE!

My emotional moments came when she started performing Rhythm Nation up to the song dedications she performed in Memory of Michael.  She was just all around great!  Love me some Janet!!! I remember getting the Rhythm Nation cassette tape...yes, cassette tape when I was 8 years old as a Christmas Gift and it became the soundtrack for my life at that moment.  Til' this day, the CD is always in my car!

 What I’m Wearing:
Vest:  Thrifted
Pants:  Ann Taylor
Shoes:  Mix via MJM (similar on Urban og)
Earrings & Bracelets:  Forever 21
Ring:  Betsey Johnson
Clutch:  ALDO

I was so glad the concert gave me the opportunity to wear the BEST thrifted item I own by far!  Ok, so when I went home for Thanksgiving, my Fabulous Mama gave me this gorgeous Neiman Marcus Black Tie Cassini Beaded and Sequined Vest she found for $4!!!!  This vest is so beautiful!  I LOVE it to death.  Be prepared to see a lot of it. 

If you ever have any opportunity to see Janet Jackson doing anything, anywhere PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!  She is a living ICON that has been and will continue to be relevant for decades.  Enjoy the photos from my Concert Experience below:  

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  1. LOVE Janet! Im sure this concert was a blast! Im loving the vest too and those red heels!

  2. Love me some Janet. ANd your vest is a great find, very cool.

  3. WOW, looks like a great time!
    You look amazing, I LOVE that vest.

  4. G! You look super haute girl!! That sequin vest is over-the-top gorgeous!!

    I'm so glad you got to JJ LIVE!! She is an amazing woman! When I was 16, I remember thinking I wanted to look like her when I was 25 (she was that age at the time I think)! And the cover on the book/album is so chic! Thanks for sharing all the fab pics!


  5. I'm IN LOVE with that vest!!!!!! Gives me the energy i need to go what i call 'hunting'!!!! You look Great G- and Janet a lil thicky thick but GORG none the less!!!! :) Fun Times...

  6. she is such an amazing performer. i've seen her twice and she ROCKED it!! this intimate setting tho must have been!! you and your friends look great and ms janet looks AMAZING at 45!!


  7. Vest + bracelet = fab!!! I am glad the concert was fulfilling!!!!


  8. Omg!! First things first!! $4!!! Yes Honey Yes!! Work that vest!

    Second 45!!! Go Janet Go!!

    great post. Glad you had a great time. Both you and Janet looked super fab!!!

  9. These pics are AMAZING! You and your girls look pretty FLY! Love Love Love your outfit! HOT HOT HOT!!!


  10. you look absolutely fabulous :)

    just liked your fb page
    check me out on "pinklemonincrystal" sometimes!

    Glad you had an AmAzing time.

  12. that is so exciting!! What an amazing concert and your outfit is so perfect. Love that vest ;)

  13. AHHHH Janet on Stage? OMG Girl...I am super excited that you had the chance to go. Your outfit was spectacular. The vest is amazing....OMG! Love IT!

  14. You got some really great pictures of her!! I love your outfit, ESPECIALLY the red shoes!!! I hope I look as good as Janet does when I am 45!! Glad you got to go see her! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  15. LOVE the leopard clutch!


  16. Your pants are so cool! I love how they go with this sequin vest and red pumps. Fab!

    Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays Giveaway!
    Accessory alert: tassels

  17. You definitely made Janet proud in this outfit! The sparkly vest paired with those red heels are FIERCE!


  18. wow! must have been so much look great love the vest & your shoes..the pop of color makes it wonderful!

  19. love it!

  20. So awesome! I LOVE Janet!!! I got to see her a couple of times in concert (sad I missed this one) and she's AMAZING!!!

  21. Wow I love everything about the outfit you wore here, super chic and stylish!!!

  22. oh man, I bet the concert was amazing!! I love Janet Jackson too! And dang, you looked hot! I love this outfit, the red booties are so fab!

  23. you look gorgeous! i want your vest

  24. You look gorgeous. I love this outfit. Love the red booties and the shimmery vest.

  25. wow, you took some nice pictures. Love the vest you're wearing :)

  26. AMAZING! I would love to see Janet in concert, what a fantastic experience and loving the photos of her. You had great seats.

    And your outfit is perfect for the concert. The sparkly vest and my fav the red shoes.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  27. Girl! This post gave me life! I loves me some Janet! And you wore the perfect concert outfit!


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