January 23, 2012

Business Owner Spotlight - Mi Amor Hair Studios Inc. - Mia Anderson

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As you know, What's More Important That Fashion promised to bring you variety within this Blog.  We don't only Focus on Fashion and Finance, but we like to highlight fabulousness in other areas as well.  This post encompasses so many facets.  We have everything from Hair to Entrepreneurship as well as Fashion and Finance!

Meet my MANE Girl Mia.  Mia is a very talented Hairstylist and savvy Business Woman.  Mia came highly recommended by my previous stylist Paige when she moved away.  For us Beauty Shop Girls, you know every girl hates to lose their hair stylist, and I’m no different.  But the experience with Mia has been great, she has been helping me keep my mane in tact for almost a year now.    
Tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself and your background.
My name is Mia Anderson, originally from Chicago and currently living in Tampa.  I am 38 years old and I’m the younger of two siblings.  In 2000, I relocated to Tampa with my previous employer HSBC, where I headed up the Cash Department and later became an Acquisitions Manger.  In February 2007, I resigned to start my own business. 

Briefly, describe your business.
I am the owner of Mi Amor Hair Studios Inc.  We are Private Salon Studios that allow Cosmetology Professionals to own and operate as their own business without the expensive overhead.  The Private Studios come fully furnished and are leased on a yearly basis.  Stylists are able to set their own hours, decorate to their liking, and offer their clients that One-on-One experience.

Why did you choose to start your own business?
I choose to start my own business because it had ALWAYS been a dream/vision since the early age of 6.  Which is when I first became interested in hair.  I realized that I didn’t enjoy working for someone else and letting someone dictate my destiny. I woke up one morning, got dressed, looked in the mirror and said to myself “I CANT DO THIS”.  The thought of going to that job another day just had me sick to my stomach.  I noticed that I wasn’t able to be myself, live out the purpose that God had designed for me.  I stepped out on faith, called my employer and resigned at that time.

When did you start your business?
Well, I went to school in 2003 and finished in 2005.  In 2006 I immediately began to work Part-Time in a salon while still working in Full-Time Corporate America.  I became the owner of my own business in November 2010.

How did you get started?  What all did it take?
Prior to resigning, I planned out my resignation by making sure I had my health insurance, life insurance and 401K plans in order.  Meaning, they would be set up as self-employed once I resigned. 

When I began working in a salon, I worked commission. Meaning, all of my products were supplied and my earnings were split 50/50 between myself & the owner.  I worked commission for 4 months then moved to booth rental.  Once on booth rental, I had to supply all my products and became a Business Owner.  I set normal working hours just like you would have at any other job.  I was at the salon from 9am – 5pm, whether I had clients or not.

How did/do you develop your clientele?
In order to build clientele, I had cards and flyers made.  I made sure I attended every networking event that Tampa had to offer.  I used referral programs and set a goal to hand out at least 5 business cards a day.   

Do you have a target audience?
I targeted Young and Mature Professional Women that take pride in their appearances and have the need to look good at all times. 
Describe your brand.  How did you create it and what does it mean to you?
My salon name, Mi Amor Hair Studios was created when I was in Cosmetology School.  We were given a project to come up with a name and design our dream salon.  Mi Amor Hair Studios is dear to me.  It includes my name Mia, Amor meaning love then hair.  To sum it up it’s the love Mia has for hair.     

What separates you from all the other salons out there?
My salon is very unique and stands out from your normal salon.  One reason being there aren’t many salons set up as Private Studios and two, the ability for the clients to book their appointments online. Mi Amor Hair Studio also stands out from other salons because of our turnaround time.  We believe that a client shouldn’t have to been in the salon all day to look beautiful.  We strive in servicing our clients for no longer than 3hrs.  This is achieved by having an assistant, not overbooking, and allowing each client their personal time.

What is your specialty?
We specialize in healthy hair care and precision cutting.

What are some benefits of owning your own business and running it?
There are many benefits to owning your own business.  You are able to establish your business the way you would like it to be run.  You’re able to set your own hours, you control your own destiny, you can establish your own work/life balance and you can choose the people you work with among other benefits. 

Tell us, what are some of the problem/risks with running your business?
Just like there are benefits, there is some risk involved in owning your own business as well.  Every business should have a business plan, most small business fail due to not having this valuable document.  You can’t see the company's potential and its worth without a strategic plan.  Owning your own business also requires more of your time.  Therefore, you risk your family and anything else that’s dear to you because majority of your time is spent in your business.  Financial risk is also another factor that can make or break a small business.  You have to make sure you have enough capital to start your business as well as enough left over to keep it afloat.

If someone wanted to own a business like yours what are some recommendations you’d like to provide them with?
If you’re looking to own your own salon I would recommend you do your homework.  Research how to Own & Operate a salon, have a business plan, search for your location and see what competitors are doing in your area.  Be sure to acquire a good accountant and attorney.  These two people will play a vital role in your business.  Establish a working relationship with one of the bankers at your bank.  They can help you financially.  Last, but not least, make sure you can maintain your salon financially even if you don’t have employees working for you. 

How many people are on your staff?
Currently, there’s only Me and My Assistant working in my salon and I have one person to acquire a studio in late February.  I will then have 2 more studios to rent out. 

What are your future plans for Expansion and Growth?
My five year plan is to open Mi Amor Hair Studios II either here in Florida or Chicago.

This is has been a wonderful interview Mia!  So, where can people find you?
Salon Address:  We're located at 1133 Professional Park Dr. Brandon, FL 33511. 
Facebook Page:  Mi Amor Hair Studios Inc.
Twitter:  @MzMiaStylist_7

Lastly, how do you incorporate Fashion and Finance into your Lifestyle? 
Fashion & Finance play an important role in the beauty business.  I incorporate Fashion by dressing the part, advising clients on the latest styles, giving clients advise on how to dress for various events and changing their style through transforming their hair. 
Finance is an important factor as well because in this business you have to manage your funds closely.  The fact that we receive cash, it’s easy to spend, spend, spend and lose track of your earnings.  I try to be mindful of my prices and make sure they are comfortable for my clients. I often run specials and promotions to give back to my clients. 

Check out these pictures below of Mia's Fab Salon

Salon Front

Front Lobby
Shampoo Station

Mia's Suite

Furnished Salon Suites Available
The salon is gorgeous, right?  I think so.  Well, alright Dolls, isn’t Mia great?  For me, it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to learn about successful Business Ownership and the path taken to get there.  Mia has provided us with some valuable gems by sharing her road to success.  I hope that you all learned as much as I did from Mia and if any of you are planning your exit strategy from Corporate America and become a Business Owner, this should give you MOTIVATION.  I Love that Mia takes care of business and stays FLY!!!  Keep up the fabulous work Mia!!!  Dolls, be sure and show Mia some Love. 

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  1. what an inspiration! LOVE LOVE LOVE her style, too! xox

  2. What a fabulous woman!! Her style, her vision, and her determination is inspiring. This post is well written and informative. Thanks for posting this and congrats to Mia on the success of her business.

  3. I love it Mia. MY girl bringing her fabulous style straight from Chicago to Florida.....You are awesome...Toya Knowles

  4. Thanks all for your comments. I'm truly humbled & hope my story will inspire others.

  5. This was so inspiring! Congrats to you Mia on your success and to "What's More Important..." for bringing us such wonderful reading.

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  8. I'm so glad you all enjoyed this feature on Mia. I LOVE showcasing other people. We can be inspired from EVERYWHERE!!! Mia is definitely a GREAT one! Thanks for the LOVE Dolls!

    7eventh Letter

  9. I love my stylist. I recently move to TX and still can't find a stylist like Mia. She is professional and fly. She is also motivated, driven and a go getter. She really takes her business seriously. Mia has the ability to really make a woman Extraordinary. Thank you Mia for being a great example for woman in the Bay area.

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  11. Mia I am so proud of you words can't explain. I new you would accomplish anything that you set out to do. You have always had that ambition to succeed in what every you choose to do in life. You have not seen what all God has in store for you. Love Mom!

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