February 28, 2012

Fly Girl of The Moment - Dreama

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Dreama is an extremely accomplished Dancer and Choreographer.  Dreama has received direction from some of the most noted names in dance including Fatima Robinson, Tina Landon, Wade Robson, and Dave Scott just to name a few and it has only helped her perfect her own unique style.       

With numerous accomplishments to validate her work in the arts, Dreama was the Capitan and Feature Lead Actress in the Broadway Style Musical “Katonga” at Busch Gardens Theme Park for 6 ½ years!  She has also served as Choreographer and Performer for Musiq Soulchild, Brooke Hogan, Brandy, Jadakiss, Montell Jordan and many more!  In December, I was able to see more of Dreama’s fabulous choreography in The Bay Area’s production of The Chocolate Nutcracker

Currently Dreama serves as the Creative Director for VYB Dance Company as well as teaches jazz, hip hop and fitness techniques all over the Tampa Bay area.


Dreama’s life revolves around the stage so she spends the majority of her time in Dance and Fitness gear, but that in no way inhibits her style!  She brings it at all time.  Get into Dreama and how she embraces Fashion in her Fly Girl Interview below:
Describe your personal Style.

I have always had the “How I feel, is how I’m gonna dress” Style. It's a hybrid of Current Fashion fused with a Classy Thrift or Throwback Vibe.

How often do you change up your style?
I've been known to change my style within the same day, based off a feeling or an event I'm attending. I love being spontaneous and switching it up.

What are your favorite brands and places to shop?
H & M, BeBe and Cache hold a special place in my heart as far as where I love to shop...But my all-time favorite spots will always include Vintage/Specialty Thrift Shops. That's where the REAL treasures lay! ;)

Who is your fashion icon?
I have two Fashion Icons!  I’m always waiting to see what Erykah Badu is rockin' because her style reflects who she is and not what is the hot item for the moment. That inspires me to just remain happy in the fashion I choose for myself. My second is My Grandmother!! She sparked my addiction to style by the amazing dresses and shoes she presented to me at such a young age. And all I can remember her saying is “How you dress is a direct mirror to how you desire the world to see you, invest in YOU!”

What is your favorite fashion accessory?
You may laugh but my favorite accessory is my Wig Collection!! I own over 65 pieces that I take pride in!! LOL, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my natural hair/look, but my “hair” allows me to switch it up even more.

What trend/style do you love?
I LOVE the Scarf Trend! Scarves can be dressed up for a classy affair, or down just to teach class in... Undying.

What trend/style do you hate?
I'm completely over the SKINNY JEAN trend!!! Skinny Jeans ain’t for everybody!!!

What are wardrobe staples that everyone should have in their closet?
Every female should at least have 4 pairs of stilettos, a sexy blazer, 2 cocktail dresses, and one Bad Dressy pant suit in their closest at ALL times and updated each season!!!

What is one fashionable item you couldn't live without?
If I didn’t have my 4 to 6 inch stilettos I would surely die ;)  Heels go with everything!!

If you could raid someone's closet, who's would it be?
Rihanna..... I LOVE some of her mis-match ensembles I see in photos!! I would love to take a peek in her many closets!!!!

Besides the U.S., where else would you love to go shopping?
My dream fashion spot would have to be Japan!!! One day soon!!

I think Dreama's style is so Fly and Diverse.  I admire the fact that her career allows her to be bold and daring with her style choices and she does just that from head to toe.  Its important when your clothes (and your hair, LOL!) say who you are!  I hope you Dolls enjoy Dreama's style just as much as I do!

Dreama is a Certified What's More Important Than Fashion "Fly Girl"!  

Want some of Dreama's AMAZING choreography, check out her youtube channel here.  Below is one of my favorite pieces of hers...so far! 


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  1. Amazing, this is hot! But it still doesn't give people a clue on how talented you really are. If they don't know you it will take them to get to know you and they would see that you are Amazing at what you do. No words really could compare. Your style in fashion is beyond dope, everyone would have to Bring it to stand next to you on any red carpet. Your experiences and your words of wisdom is off the hook. Girl, they just don't know! They will soon, I'm sure! You guys Dreama is Da One!

  2. She looks awesome!! Any lady who can rock a jumpsuit...that's pretty fab in my book! Thank you for featuring her and I am going to check out her youtube channel. You can definitely mix prints G, I know it seems daunting at first but do a lot of trial and error and you'll get it! Promise :)

  3. Yes! She is definitely a fly girl! Her hair is fierce too!

  4. So talented, so fly, so fabulous, so beautiful! I'm offically a Dreama fan! Great post!!

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  6. wow, she's an amazing dancer & she has a really cool style with great confidence!

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  9. Wow!! She is stunning. I love her style! She is a great example for other black females. Shes very accomplished and professional...you can tell she has a great head on her shoulders!! And lets not forget to mention her fabulous hair!!

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  11. Great post, she is so fluid in her moves! Great to see someone living their dream :)


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