February 22, 2012

St. John for Church

Hey Dolls!!

Remember I told you about this FABULOUS St. John dress I scored from Olori SWANK’s online store?  Well, I finally got to wear it!  Tampa had a shocking drop in temperature a few weeks ago and I wore this to church.

I love this dress.  It’s so cute and comfy.  I kept it simple and only wore earrings and a ring for jewelry.  If I had one, I would have worn a chain link necklace with this as well.  But my hunt is still on for one of those.  UGH!!!

Ironically, I am wearing some earrings I purchased from natashab1980 who I met on Twitter during our little fight over this St. John Dress.  LOL!!!  Be sure to check out her site, she has some fabulous accessories for great prices. 

What I’m Wearing – Dress:  St. John/Tights:  Target/Earrings:  Natasha1980 (similar)/Ring:  Betsey Johnson/Shoes:  Missoni for Target

I will probably only get to wear this dress once a year since I live in Tampa.  This year, we have literally had no Winter at all.  I’m not complaining, but I was expecting January to be cold enough to wear certain things, but oh well.

Today’s Black History Fact features Miss Althea Gibson.  I’m proud to feature Miss Althea Gibson as she is a fellow Florida A&M Alumni like myself!  Go Rattlers!!!

Althea Gibson (August 25, 1927 – September 28, 2003)

Althea was a World No. 1 American sportswoman who became the first African-American woman to be a competitor on the world tennis tour and the first to win a Grand Slam title in 1956.  She is sometimes referred to as "the Jackie Robinson of tennis" for breaking the color barrier.              

Althea was the first black to win championships at famous tournaments, such as the French Open, the United States Open, the Australian Doubles and Wimbledon in the 1950s. Even though she was subject to the segregation that plagued African Americans at the time; she trailblazed across the tennis scene and had an exciting amateur career.

According to Lance Tingay of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Gibson was ranked in the world top ten from 1956 through 1958, reaching a career high of No. 1 in those rankings in 1957 and 1958.  Gibson was included in the year-end top ten rankings issued by the United States Tennis Association in 1952 and 1953 and from 1955 through 1958. She was the top-ranked U.S. player in 1957 and 1958.  In 1957 Althea became the first African American woman to win Wimbledon. She won again in 1958.

In 1971, Gibson was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and in 1975, she was appointed the New Jersey state commissioner of athletics. In 1977, she challenged incumbent Essex County State Senator Frank J. Dodd in the Democratic primary for his seat.  She came in second behind Dodd, but ahead of Assemblyman Eldridge Hawkins. After 10 years as commissioner, she went on to work in other public service positions, including serving on the governor's council on physical fitness.

During her illustrious career, she wrote an autobiography titled "I Always Wanted to Be Somebody" in 1958. To her fans she was a special person and a pioneer in the black tennis community. Althea Gibson's experiences and successes paved the way for other great black tennis players like Arthur Ashe, Zina Garrison, Venus and Serena Williams.  Go Althea!!!  Black HISTORY (source) (source)

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  1. I am LOVING this dress!! I never can get on Olori's site quick enough, her items sell out so fast lol.. but you look super sexy and it's so slimming in the right places!! Great earrings too, they go perfectly with the dress, that's all you needed, let the dress be the statement!! Great look, now when you are ready to sell this dress please let me be the first t know lol..


    1. LOL, Thank you Doll!!! I HAD to have this dress. And yes, her site sells out quickly. You have to follow her on twitter to see when she updates! That is how I managed to get my hands on this.

  2. Umm..yeah so I am emailing you my address like right now because I am going to need you to send me that dress! Thanks in Advance! But seriously....loves it!!!!! So retro chic!


    1. LOL!!! Ok, Girl! This dress is Fab isin't it! I HAD to have it. I'm trying to catch up to your Vintage dress game! :)


  4. This one definitely rocks...sexy and chic. Makes you look taller....:-)


  5. As stated above, the dress is fabulous and you wear it/styled it well!

  6. Loving the dress on you. I saw a picture of it when you bought it. Cuteness!

  7. you are seriously working that dress! and those earrings are gorgeous hun

    love the pop of colors and I enjoy the black history month features

  8. Is little CJ taking these pictures... lol

  9. Cute dress mama!

    Less Is More

  10. Adorable dress! And the earrings are perfect with it.


    P.S. I tweeted you a couple days ago. Just wanted to let you know that I listed that bow bag on my Etsy shop ;) Only 2 available!(http://lovecortnie.etsy.com)

  11. You look great i absolutely love the dress! thanks for the enlightment!

  12. Loving how you paired the earrings with the dress....PERFECT!!!

    We Bring Clothes to Life

  13. Sweet and Chic! I enjoy your black history tributes.

  14. This dress is so cute! I love the color blocking and the shape of the shoulders!

  15. Very cute! Love the colors. Looks great on you too!


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