March 26, 2012

Giveaway: The Style Manor

Hey Dolls!!

I’m pleased to announce that we are hosting another Giveaway! I was contacted by Sharon of The Style Manor to host this lovely Giveaway.  The Style Manor is an exciting new store that will always offer the latest accessory trends and make it easy for women to understand how to style trends through advice from professional stylists.

Every week, new accessories are offered both in matching bundles (handbag and 2 pieces of jewelry) and sold separately for your convenience.  Last but not least, it’s only $39.99 for a handbag and two pieces of jewelry, plus free shipping!   Remember, they style it, you wear it. 

For this Giveaway a stylist from Style Manor has picked out a cute bag to give away to one of my lucky readers.  This Juicy Green Studded Bag is only exclusive to What’s More Important Than Fashion readers and retails for over $60 at boutiques.  
Here’s your chance to score one by doing the following on Rafflecopter below:

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week - Recap

Hey Dolls!!!

I hope you all enjoyed Blogger Inspired Fashion Week.  I really had so much fun with this.  It was DEFINITELY a challenge because as you can see, the LOVELY ladies that I featured have the most amazing style.  What I love about them all individually is that each of them bring something totally different to the table with their personalities and style.  

Performing these Fashion Challenges was such a fun experience and what made it even more special was I used items that I have in my own closet to create each "Inspired" look.  I made it a point not to purchase anything new to develop my re-creations.  You guys already know we are about Fashion and Finance around these parts so, not spending a dime on these looks was right on target for me.  But the beautiful thing about it all is that without even knowing, these ladies showed me how to shop my closet and recreate fabulous looks that I probably NEVER would have thought to do on my own.  

Take a look at all of my recreations below:

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer:  Thrifted
Shirt:  Marshall's
Skirt:  H&M
Shoes:  ALDO
Earrings:  BeBe
Necklace:  Charlotte Russe
Bracelet:  Old Navy
Purse:  Target
What I'm Wearing:  
Trench Coat:  Kenneth Cole
Blazer:  Ralph Lauren
Shirt:  Marshall's
Jeans:  U-51 via Marshall's
Shoes:  Steve Madden
Earrings:  Flea Market
Necklace:  Forever 21
Bracelet:  Guess
Sunnies:  Borrowed from Mama
What I'm Wearing:
Blazer:  Old Navy
Tank:  Target
Turban:  Beauty Supply Store
Jeans:  Express
Turban:  Local Beauty Supply
Shoes:  Steve Madden
Clutch:  Thrifted
Earrings & Necklace:  Forever 21
Bracelet:  Random
Belt:  H&M (taken off of a dress)
What I'm Wearing:  
Blazer:  Thrifted
Blouse:  Ann Taylor
Pants:  Express
Bag:  Louis Vuitton
Earrings:  Bakers
Necklace:  Macy's
Bracelet:  Guess
Shoes:  Enzo
What I'm Wearing:
Blazer:  Thrifted
Tank:  Target
Pants:  Express
Earrings:  BeBe
Necklace & Rings:  Forever 21
Belt:  Target
Clutch:  ALDO
Shoes:  Steve Madden

So Dolls, I want to hear from you.  How did you like Blogger Inspired Fashion Week?  Which Feature/Recreation was your Favorite?  Take a minute to complete the poll below and feel free to leave additional comments and be sure to check out and support all of these fabulous ladies' blogs as well.  

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March 23, 2012

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week - Featuring Prissy: Rush Our Fashion

Hey Dolls!!

I hope you have enjoyed Blogger Inspired Fashion Week as much as I have.  Today’s Feature in this series is Prissy of RushOur Fashion.  OK, now when I tell you I LIVE for Prissy’s style, I really do.  This girl is so fly to me.  And not only that her clothes fit so impeccably that they look Tailor Made!!  When I discovered her blog, I was HOOKED instantly!  The way that she puts looks together is just fabulous.  Each outfit has that special something that sets it apart from how anybody else would rock the same items.  I actually started to challenge myself not to be so “Matchy Matchy” after I started following Prissy’s Blog.
In addition to Prissy having great style, she is a great cook.  The recipes that she shares on her blog will make you drool, LOL!!!  I have put several of them on my To-Do List to try.  Prissy has recently started adding videos to her blogs as well.  They include everything from Thrifting Hauls to Hair Styling Tutorials.  This Hair Tutorial is my favorite.  She makes it look so easy. 

Interacting with Prissy on Twitter is so fun.  She is a SHOE FANNATIC so she is constantly posting pictures of shoes and shoe sales making me want to swipe my card each and every time.  Plus, she is an Ebay shopping WHIZ!  I joked with her saying that I need to give her some money to go Ebay shopping for me.  She finds the BEST things at the BEST prices and you know we are all about Fashion and Finance over here.  One thing that I want in my life is Prissy’s Shoe Closet.  She did a post on it a while back, and I thought it was set up so nicely.  Take a look at the pics here.   

It was a pleasure to Interview Prissy, I found out so much about her that I never would have known just from her pretty pictures and our Twitter convos.  I’m sure you’re eager to find out more about the woman behind Rush Our Fashion, so enjoy Prissy’s interview below:  
Name: Prissy

Age: A lady never tells LOL

Full Time Career: My title is called a Quality System Coordinator. I write all of the SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) for my company. I also conduct all of the Training Classes & I perform audits on a weekly basis.

Tell Me and My Readers a little bit about yourself and your background. 
I grew up in a very small town in Georgia. I was raised by my grandmother from 3mos until the age of 13. I then moved to Florida to live with my mom. While still in my teens I had a daughter, so I was pretty much raising her & myself! However, she turned out to be a beautiful young lady.

How would you describe your signature style? My signature style would consist of pants (any type), heels, and a blazer. I have a ton of blazers, at least 30-35 of them. I feel as though a blazer always pulls a look together (for a man or woman)

How do you go about creating an outfit or look? I mainly start with my shoes. I pick out a pair of shoes that I want to wear that day, and I build an outfit around them.

What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate? Ha! My legs…..but I RARELY wear skirts.  I love my legs. They are so long & lean.

Do you have any Fashion Challenges? My breasts!!! These things are huge. I actually hate the size of them. I’m telling you, if I ever win the lottery, they will be the 1st thing to go! LOL!
What are your FAVORITE places to shop? Hands down…The Thrift Store. I am an avid thrifter. I’d much rather go to the thrift store than the mall.

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands? As far as clothes, I really don’t have a brand that I prefer. I’ll pretty much wear anything. But, my shoes…they have to be on point. I love Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, BCBGeneration, Sam Edelman, and Vince Camuto.

Is there a Spring trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe? Neon colors! I’m loving those colors at the moment. As a matter of fact, I recently purchased a few pieces & I’ve already started wearing them.

Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere? Hmmm…..I got into blogging about 2 years ago. I started out reading blogs like Karla’s Closet, Fashion Bananas, and Get it Girl Style. I thought to myself “This looks easy. I think I dress pretty decent. I can do this too.” I set a goal for myself to have my blog up and running by Nov 1, 2010 & I did just that!

Where do you see your Blog a year from now? I’m not set out to be a Famous Blogger (but if it happens, then it happens). I just want my blog & my style to evolve more. If people can find inspiration from my blog & the things that I wear, then that’s enough for me.

Name 3 Bloggers whose style you just live for:  

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two.  If you love fashion & you also love to shop (like me), make sure you have a monthly budget/allowance for yourself. You don’t want to overspend & live outside of your means for fashion.

What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers? Be yourself. Be true to you. Don’t change or be someone just to “make it”.  

Isn’t she just amazing?  She has great style and gives great advice.  I have to admit we share a common problem, my breasts give me so many problems when it comes to clothes.  Sometimes I wanna put them in a drawer and pull them out when necessary, LOL!!!  Even though Prissy doesn’t set out to be a Famous Blogger, I think that she will, because she definitely deserves to be.
Now choosing an outfit of Prissy’s to recreate was very intimidating.  But I knew which one I wanted to try and recreate.  It is one of my favorite looks from her.  I would have never put these pieces together on my own, but thanks to her inspiration, I did.  I was nervous, but here goes….

So….How did I do? Prissy, I hope you like my recreation! 

As ALWAYS Dolls…
Love You for Following,

March 22, 2012

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week - Featuring Bessie: Bravoe Runway

Hey Dolls!!

We are deep into Blogger Inspired Fashion Week.  Today’s Feature is Bessie of Bravoe Runway.  I LOVE Bessie and her Polished and Classic style.  We connected because we are both Fashion and Finance girls.  I look forward to her blog posts that feature her Corporate Attire.  With her living in Chicago, I get a chance to see her dress for all 4 seasons, a luxury I’m not afforded to living in Florida but I’m not complaining, LOL!!!

As soon as I logged on Bessie’s Blog, I was hooked.  I went back and read every post from the beginning.  One of the things I look forward to the most on Bravoe Runway are her weekly  Trunk Shows.  

On Sundays Bessie provides her readers with teasers of the week’s upcoming outfit posts.  Isn’t that the coolest idea?  I love it and I try and guess how she is going to incorporate each piece into her looks.  Bessie also had access to a beautiful vintage hand bag collection of her Mother’s that I drool over every time she rocks one.  This red one is my favorite. 

Bessie and I interact through Blogging and Twitter and she is always posting links for unbelieveable deals and steals on Fashionable items that can be easily incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe.  What more of Bessie?  Check out my Interview with her below:

Name:  Bessie

Age:  1+30

Full Time Career:  Corporate Finance

Tell Me and My Readers a little bit about yourself and your background.
Oooo the elevator speech!  I’m Bessie, lover of fashion, finding bargains, with a quirky sense of humor, and a self proclaimed high/low mixologist.

How would you describe your signature style?
Classics with a twist infusing high-end items with bargain finds!

How do you go about creating an outfit or look?
I usually look through magazines to see what colours, silhouettes, lengths of hems are in style.  Then I go through my closet to see what I have and start putting the outfit together.  Once the outfit is assembled, I select my accessories, followed by my handbag, and then shoes. Since it is winter in Chicago, I select the perfect coat to go on top at the very end.

What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate?
I guess my legs…..

Do you have any Fashion Challenges?
I have a hard time working with brights, very feminine silhouettes such as fuller skirts and romantic blouses, and non-traditional blazers. 

What are your FAVORITE places to shop?
I am an equal opportunity shopper.  You can always find great quality items for reasonable prices if you shop through the racks, I love Forever21 as much as I love Saks.

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands?
If I had a trust fund, I’d furnish my closets solely with Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.  I don’t have to try on their pieces because I know how it’ll fit me and the cut and sizing is precise, everytime!

Is there a Spring trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe?
This is going to sound odd, but I really want to try out the athletic look infused with edge!

Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere?
I’ve always been “that friend,” you want to take shopping and ask your fashion questions to.  How do I restyle a dress?  Will this outfit be too over the top for this occasion?  What shoes should I wear with this outfit?  My friends always encouraged me to do something with fashion so here I am…11 months into the blogging world.

Where do you see your Blog a year from now?
In a year from now, I’ll be blogging for almost 2 years so I hope to have collaborated with more brands and also overcome my styling challenges.  I would love to become a member of the Vogue Influencer Network, or the Lucky Collective.  I do also hope to attend a few conferences as well.

Name 3 Bloggers whose style you just live for.

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two. 
Things always go on sale so be patient.  Patience is also a virtue when it comes to bargain hunting, if you really scour through the racks at discount stores such as TJMaxx and Marshall’s you can find many great items heavily discounted.  G is definitely a master of thrifting which I’ve yet to try, but she is definitely inspiring me to give it a go!

What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers?
Blogging is hard work, it takes time and dedication.  Figure out what is your niche, and go with it.  Wear what exudes your own personal style, and always give your readers your best content.

Doesn’t she give great advice?  I LOVE that she dubbed herself a "High/Low Mixologist", LOL!!!  I can also, see her being “that friend” that you need to take on your shopping trips.  Now, All I have to do is get her into some Thrift Stores so she can add that to her Fashion Resume, LOL!!

Now, choosing one of Bessie’s looks was something I thought would be easy for me.  Boy was I WRONG.  Well, it wasn’t hard, but I just kept changing my mind so many times.  She has so many to choose from.  And they all have a great deal of variety in them from look to look.  But I did FINALLY settle on this one here:

 So…….How did I do?  Bessie, do you like it girl?

As ALWAYS Dolls…

Love You for Following,


March 21, 2012

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week - Featuring Eboni Ife': The Fashionista Next Door

Hey Dolls!!

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week has been such a fun challenge so far!  Today’s Feature is on Eboni Ife’ from The Fashionista Next Door.  Let me just say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Eboni’s style and her blog.  Not only is it Fashionable but for me it’s very Informative.  She provides tips that help blogging newbies like me and if you can’t be inspired from her style, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, LOL!!!  Joking….but NOT really. 

I have been following Eboni’s blog for years and believe it or not, this will not be my first stab at re-creating one of her looks.  Before I started blogging, I tried several looks of Eboni’s and included several items “like” hers into my closet. 

I think Eboni’s style is just fabulous.  It can be playful, flirty, and relatable all at the same time.  There is never a dull moment and she TOTALLY embodies The FASHIONISTA Next Door!  From our interactions from Blogging, Facebook and Twitter, I think Eboni is such a sweet, cool, and helpful down to earth chick.
 One of the things I look forward to on Fashionista Next Door is the Style Me Friday Series.  Its soooooo good.  Eboni allows her readers to submit looks that they’d like to see her try and she puts her own unique spin on them and posts them along with the inspiration photo on Fridays. 

I am also in LOVE with this girls SHOE Game!  Her collection is full of color and variations in style.  If you don’t believe me take a look (here).  And I personally believe that she should be the Spokes Model for Sole Society because she put them on the map, but that’s just my opinion, LOL!!  Eboni is such an inspiring young lady, read more about her below: 

Name: Eboni Ifé

Age: 29

Full Time Career: Account Manager

How would you describe your signature style? Eclectic, Fun, Unexpected

How do you go about creating an outfit or look? I usually start with one piece that I really want to wear, and build around it.  I also build outfits around themes – sporty, minimal, boho, etc.

What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate? Hmm, my legs.

Do you have any Fashion Challenges?  Don’t we all?! LOL I have a very broad back, and I am busty.  The combination makes certain tops unflattering – pretty much anything bulky or hi-cut.  These styles can make me look much larger than I really am IF they are not styled properly.   I put emphasis on the “if” because, I don’t like to limit myself and say that I “can’t” wear something or that I’d “never” wear a particular style. I just know that styling may be trickier for some pieces than others.

What are your FAVORITE places to shop?  Right now, I am all over the large European brands – Zara, H&M, ASOS, and Topshop.  They have GREAT prices.

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands?  Well, Michael Kors is my ultimate fave.  If I could stock my closet with wardrobe staples exclusively from Michael Kors, I’d be a happy camper. I also love Rachel Roy and her RACHEL line is relatively affordable.  She does a great job designing staples with unexpected details that set them apart.  Her clothes are fun, but not over the top.  I also love J. Crew, but rarely shop there because the price point is too high for me; however, the styling is impeccable, so their website and catalogs are a great place to draw inspiration from.  I just shop around for similar pieces in my price range.  I also love L.A.M.B.  Again, all of the pieces are totally wearable...a little edgy and unexpected, but wearable.  I obviously love all the big luxury brands, too – Gucci, Prada, YSL, Dior, Miu Miu…oh and Tom Ford! (LOVE HIM!), but I can’t say that I’d stock my closet with these brands. If I could afford them, I’d probably stick with accessories, and still get my wardrobe staples from the designers I mentioned above.  They just really suit my “stylish girl next door” aesthetic.

Is there a Spring trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe? Hmmm, florals on top of florals on top of florals. I LOVE all the floral print mixing. It’s so pretty! I also want a short suit, and I’m loving the return of the peplum.

Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere? Blogging is such a fulfilling form of personal expression. I’d say that is true across all genres.  If you love to cook, and you blog about food… if you love art, and you blog about art… whatever it is that you love, blogging allows you to express that love in a tangible way, AND it gives you a platform to connect with other people who share that love.

Where do you see your Blog a year from now?  I have no idea. I just take it one day at a time!
Name 3 Bloggers whose style you just live for.

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two.    Girl, don’t ask me about finance. I am such an impulse shopper. I need help!  LOL! Okay, seriously, I am a sale shopper. I don’t believe in paying full price, so I’d say 95% of the time, I wait it out.  Something has to be really special for me to pay full price (or cheap already!).

What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers?  Be genuine.  Allow your blog to grow organically.  Produce content that is original.  There is nothing new under the sun…this is true, but you have a unique perspective, so don’t shortchange your readers by simply reproducing “hot” topics and content from other blogs.

Her interview was great wasn’t it?  I enjoyed learning things about her like how she creates looks based on themes.  Such a cool idea.  And I couldn’t agree more on her feelings about blogging.  It’s a very fulfilling platform to display your perspective on what you love. 

OK, so choosing an outfit of Eboni’s to re-create for this post was a task in itself for me.  She has soooooooooo many good ones to choose from.  But I settled on this look she created last year in a Style Challenge she participated in with some other Super Stylish Bloggers.  Here is my Inspired Look as a Tribute to Eboni:  The Fashionista Next Door. 


So……How did I do?  Eboni I hope you like it Girlie!!! 

As ALWAYS Dolls…
Love You for Following,

March 20, 2012

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week - Featuring Jennifer: Red Soles & Red Wine

Hey Dolls!!

I hope you’re LOVING Blogger Inspired Fashion Week so far!  Today’s Featured Blogger is Jennifer from Red Soles and Red Wine!  I am a BIG Red Wine girl, so of course when I came across Jennifer’s Blog, I had check it out and when I saw how fly she was, I became an instant follower! 

Jennifer inspires me in more ways than one, not only does she have great style but she is living my dream having left Corporate America to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry.  In addition, Jennifer and her sister Tiffany have a fabulous jewelry line t [+] j Designs that I am dying to get some pieces from.  How cool is that?  Funny moment for me:  I have been following Jennifer’s sister Tiffany’s blog for years and didn’t realize they were sisters until I saw their jewelry ads and made the connection, LOL!!!

To me Jennifer’s Style is so Chic and Upscale with realistic balance.  Jennifer likes to invest in classic pieces that will last forever and blend inexpensive pieces into her looks that make you think she broke the bank on them.

I have also been very impressed with Jennifer’s fashionable transition through her pregnancy.  She has NOT missed a beat.  Her style choices during her pregnancy are just as fabulous as before.  I know that you want to learn more about Jennifer and her style, so enjoy her interview below:  

NameJennifer Worman

Full Time Career:   Owner/Designer:  t+j Designs, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

Tell Me and My Readers a little bit about yourself and your background.
I love and adore fashion and food.  Ever since I could remember, I loved to pick out my outfits, tore magazine pages for inspiration and had a passion for shopping.  I'm a huge believer of doing what you love and success will follow. My career started as an auditor for a big accounting firm for a couple of years, disappointed and unhappy I quit, went back to fashion school and started over as an assistant merchandiser for a startup fashion company in San Francisco.  In two years I became a merchandise manager and was responsible for the largest departments in the brand.  My move to New York was stemmed by my love of the city and my dream to work in fashion in the big city.  It was a whirlwind and exciting adventure living in the heart of Manhattan and working in the fashion industry.  Three years later, I got married and settled down in Chicago.  Now I love sharing my experience in the fashion industry by styling customers and designing jewelry for everyday looks.

I am a foodie and love to eat out.  I consider myself a terrible cook, but I try :).  Living in California, New York and now Chicago, I've been lucky to have eaten at so many delicious places.  But I'm not a food snob, I still love my McDonald's and Taco Bell.

How would you describe your signature style?  My style depends on my mood but overall I love glamorous things.  So for everyday I would say chic and stylish with a touch of preppy and glamour.  And almost always in heels. 

How do you go about creating an outfit or look?  I typically start with one thing that inspires me for the day – it could be a pair of shoes or some jewelry I want to wear.  From there I typically go head to toe; if my top has a big impact of color I go for a neutral bottom and the same vice versa.  I love color so I try to add in a splash of color somewhere in my outfit or accessories.  Accessorizing is typically my finishing touch. 

What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate?  My favorite feature is probably my legs. . . I’m lucky that if I fluctuate in size, my legs stay thin. 

Do you have any Fashion Challenges?  I’m fairly new to the Chicago area where I live so the winter is a fashion challenge.  Trying to stay warm and stylish and not look too bulky is an everyday challenge. 

What are your FAVORITE places to shop?  For affordable everyday wear I love Nordstrom’s, J. Crew, Zara and Forever 21.  My favorite online shops are,, and Net-a-Porter. 

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands?  For inspiration, I love Chanel and Valentino.  For apparel – I love Alice + Olivia, Alexander Wang, Haute Hippie, Diane von Furstenburg & J. Crew.  For shoes – I love Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and for affordable shoes Vince Camuto. 

Is there a Spring trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe? I have a lot of color but I’m loving the pastel trend.  I’m hoping to incorporate some pretty pastel pieces to my wardrobe.  

Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere?  My sister has been blogging for 3+ years and turned me onto reading her blog.  I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 8 years and didn’t have the time until last year.  And with my sister and I launching our jewelry brand, t+j Designs, blogging was a perfect platform to share my styling tips as well as introduce readers to our glamorous affordable jewelry line. 

Where do you see your Blog a year from now?  I hope to continue engaging my readers with interesting posts, outfits, styling tips and it will be interesting to see where it goes as I’m having my first child in May.  I do love designing, styling and fashion and hope my blog can continue improving in content. 

Name 3 Bloggers whose style you just live for.

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two. 
They both do come hand in hand!  I try to show how to blend high and low end pieces to balance your budget.  I shop at Forever 21 but will invest in Louboutin heels and a Chanel bag.  Each outfit is balanced from head to toe to not break the bank.  It’s important to invest in key items in your closet that will last forever, but fashion is a fast turning trend.  For anything too trendy, don’t spend a ton.  Invest in a fantastic pair of black pumps or a classic black bag. 

What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers?
Be yourself and blog about what you love.   Share what you are passionate about and people who love what you do will be interested.  Don’t demand readers and appreciate your supporters.  

I absolutely loved finding out more about Jennifer and her Fashionable Journey.  She also provided me with a few new shopping sites and blogs to check out.  I Love Jennifer’s story and it truly inspires me to take that leap!

Now for my inspired look in tribute to the Fabulous woman behind Red Soles and Red Wine.  Jennifer had so many looks for me to choose from but I FINALLY settled on this one: 
So……How did I do?  Jennifer, I hope you like it girl! 

As ALWAYS Dolls…
Love You for Following,