May 30, 2012


Hey Dolls!!!!

How has life been treating you?  I hope all is well.  Mine has been super busy to say the least.  Aside from that, I can’t complain.  I’m wearing a look that I decided to call Watermelon, LOL!!!  Its  pink, green, and black just like a nice juicy piece of watermelon.  I threw on my leopard print Dolce Vita pumps I scored in March at Burlington for $20!  Aren’t they cute?  I think now all I need to add to my Leopard Footwear Collection is a pair off booties (or two, LOL!!). 

What I’m Wearing –   Blazer: Thrifted/Tank: Target/Pants: Old Navy/Shoes: Dolce Vita/ Necklace: Random/Bracelets: Bakers/Earrings: Tilly’s/Belt: H&M (off of a dress I purchased)

Next month, (I can’t believe that June is already here) I will further attack my fitness goals for the year by participating in a Summer Bootcamp with MMFitness.  For me, this presents a challenge, because its 4 days a week at 6 a.m. and the way our trainer Micah keeps us sweating, I know my hair will be a mess, so this gives me time to experiment with some hair styles. 

I’m not much of a braid or a weave girl.  I like simple, easy breezy, HEALTHY hair!  I mean I’ll change it up every once in a while with haircuts or I’ll grow my hair out and style it differently, but I don’t like sleeping cute and I like to scratch my scalp without interference. 
But for these two months I’ll be changing it up for the sake of Fitness.  

The only reason I’m exploring these options is because the workout is so early in the morning and I have to go to work afterwards.  If it was in the evening, it would be no problem I could let my hair air dry and wrap it and wake up and go. 

I have no idea of exactly what I want to do, so we’ll see what I come up with.  This should be very interesting.    Stay tuned....

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May 16, 2012

Everybody's Pants

Hey Dolls!!

I titled today’s post “Everybody’s Pants” because I feel like EVERY Fashion Blogger worth her soul has purchased a pair of these lovely Floral Print pants from H&M!  Aren’t they cute?  I can’t remember exactly when I bought these, but it was sometime in March I believe and since then I have seen post from several Fashionistas rocking these same pants across the blogosphere

H&M not only used this print for pants, I’ve also seen this same material used for shirts and skirts as well.  It was kind of hard to not buy them all, LOL!  But I decided to roll with these pants. 

And since I have enjoyed seeing the multiple variations of styles in these pants from my fellow Bloggers, I decided to share the pictures I have come across as well.  This is a very fabulous and stylish bunch of ladies, so be sure to check them and their blogs out.  You won’t be disappointed. 

What I’m Wearing – Shirt, Pants andEarrings:  H&M/Shoes:  Zara/Necklace:  Purchased at Julie's Walk-In Closet /Ring:  Old Navy

Check out the way these FABULOUS ladies ROCK these pants! 

Prissy of Rush Hour Fashion
Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door

Bessie of Bravoe Runway
Kimberly of Eat Sleep Wear
T'wana of Heels N Poses
Khatu of I am Khatu
Candyce Nicole of Right Click Save
Roni of Style and Poise
The Stylish Housewife
Ashleigh of The Daileigh
Mayte Doll
Toni of Pretty Dark Girl Style
Don’t you just LOVE the fact that all of us rocked these pants in a totally different way.  It just goes to show you that Fashion is immeasurable and everyone can put their own spin on the same item and all still look FABULOUS!!!!

If you have these pants or have seen someone else rocking these Gorgeous H&M pants (or the other items in this print), please share the links below.  I’d LOVE to see more. 

That’s it for today Dolls!  As ALWAYS…..

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Happy Hour Anyone?

Hey Dolls!!

I want to invite you to a new type of Happy Hour!  A FASHION Happy Hour!  Hosted by the Lovely Ladies of Natashab1980 and Glam Fashion Boutique.  All of this will take place Wednesday, May 16th from 6-8 p.m. EST on Twitter.  So get your phones and laptops ready to Tweet, Tweet, Tweet away.  There will be several Fashion Topics of discussion and of course GIVEAWAYS!!!!!  I know you Dolls LOVE a good Giveaway.  But you have to participate for your chance to win!!!

Hope to Tweet you there Dolls!!!! #FashionHappyHour

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May 7, 2012

Tribal Feelings

Hey Dolls!!!

I hope all is well with you.  My life has been very busy these days.  Hopefully things will slow down a bit after this weekend.  Anyhoo, I have been on a quest this year to add more color, prints and patterns into my wardrobe.  This came about after looking through my closet and feeling like it was just to full of solids and more darker colored items than I can stand.  

So now, when I go shopping, my eyes go straight to colors, prints and patterns.  I can live without buying another bottom that is black for a while.  The only way I'll break this new shopping rule is if I get a REALLY GOOD deal, otherwise I won't get it.  

For this look, I found this cute tribal printed top at Old Navy on clearance for $5 so of course I snatched it up.  It fits perfectly into my shopping plan.  Its a nice color that can be work from season to season, its a print and it was only $5!  Winner, right?  I think so.  
I decided to pair it with my cute yellow pants I found thrifting (you can see my other finds from that thrifting trip here).  Added my cute red and turquoise necklace I got in Hawaii and my fabulous new earrings from Bombay Gal Butik!  
If you guys haven't heard about Bombay Gal Butik, please check their site out here.  The store is owned by one of my FAMU classmates and its is so cute!  If you're in the Atlanta area you can go to the store but for you out of town Dolls like me you can shop online.  
You guys don't know how serious I was about these earrings.  So when my friend went to Atlanta, Easter weekend and I had her go in this store and get me these earrings.  They were sold out of them, but the owner Ihsaana was nice enough to make me a pair. Isn't that sweet?  Rattler Love Baby!  

What I’m Wearing – Shirt:  Old Navy/Pants:  Thrifted/Shoes:  Jessica Simpson/Earrings:  Bombay Gal Butik/Ring:  Burlington Coat Factory/Necklace:  Hawaii Stadium

I was in a rush taking these pictures and didn't get a chance to prop my camera up better so you could see my shoes.  But I have worn them before in these posts here, here and here.  Well, that's it for today Dolls!!!  Keep it colorful and enjoy your week.  

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