June 16, 2012

Happy 1st Blogiversary!!!!

Hey Dolls!!!!

OMG!!!  I really can't believe that it has already been one year since I launched What's More Important Than Fashion?  I can't express how happy and appreciative with the support and love I receive from you guys.  It really makes this ALL worthwhile.  Like many, I was so nervous to launch my Blog because this is a platform where you put yourself on showcase to people that you don't even know.  But it was all well received so, I am thankful that I did it and I'm better for it.  Check out the picture below of the current Blog Banner and a picture from my very first outfit post and a picture from my last blog post of the year.  
I just wanted to drop a few quick lines of thanks and gratitude for your continuous support of What's More Important Than Fashion?  Check back for reflections of my first year.  There is so much MORE to come!

Love You for Following,


June 12, 2012

New Hair!

Hey Dolls!!

Please forgive me for my lack of posting as of late.  This Boot Camp has been kicking my butt and when I get home in the evenings I rarely have energy to blog.  But I have to push through it this week.  Because….I’m coming up on my one year Blog Anniversary!  I can’t believe how the time has flown by.  I must say that I have had so much fun Blogging and connected with so many people online, I feel like I know you guys.  

Now, if any of you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I have begun the Boot Camp hair experiments, LOL!!  I broke down and got a sew-in for the sake of time and looking presentable for work.  I actually am not a weave girl at all as you can read in my previous post here, but I have grown to LOVE this hair style.  The only reason I don’t have that many outfit posts with this hair is because I had a ridiculous bump on my face that just took over and refused to go away, UGH!!!!  But nonetheless, I did manage to take some pics with this “new hair”  and BEFORE you say it, I know, I look TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  

What I’m Wearing –   Jacket: Old Navy/Tank: Target/Pants: Zara/Shoes: MJM Stores/ Necklace: Flea Market/Bracelets & Earrings: Bakers

Don't get used to it.  This hair probably won't last long.   The good thing is, I will be switching it up quite frequently as long as I'm in Boot Camp.  So expect to see a few changes before I go back to my Bangs and Bowl Cut, LOL!  

For you other Dolls that are attacking your Fitness Goals, Keep up the GOOD WORK and check out my sister's blog FYRE and join her challenge to win a FREE PAIR of Shoes!!!  She has made some great progress using "Insanity" and she is encouraging people to attack their Fitness Goals as well.  Join her challenge (here).  Good Luck!!!  

Love You for Following,