July 24, 2012


Hey Dolls!!!

I think that any Blogger that has successfully made it to their One Year Blogiversary should give themself a pat on the back!  Blogging is very fun hobby, but it is also something that requires sincere dedication to make it work. 

In this past year, I have had so much fun sharing my life with you through What’s More Important Than Fashion?  I never knew that so many people would like, love and appreciate my style and what I have to offer.  For that, I have to personally thank you guys for all the love and consistent support.  After doing this for a year and building relationships with fellow bloggers, I see just how far this can actually take you. 

Throughout the past year, What’s More Important Than Fashion? has provided you with some great things such as: 

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week – I absolutely LOVED doing Blogger Inspired Fashion Week.  I think this was a BIG turning point for my Blog.  I gained a lot more attention and some new followers.  It was truly a HIT and you guys voted my Prissy Inspired Look as your FAVORITE.  I can’t wait to do it again.  If you’re a fellow Blogger, be on the lookout, I may be contacting you soon!  J

Bloggers You Should Know – I LOVE meeting new Bloggers and forming new connections with them.  More importantly, I love sharing what I find with my readers.  Of course I did this with my Blogger Inspired Fashion Week as well as a few other features.  Spread Love Dolls!!!

Interviews – I like to shed the spotlight on Business Owners, Independent Designers and people who I see making an impact in life.  I was able to do a few of these in the first year of Blogging, but this year I plan to do more.  There are so many fabulous people out there that the world deserves to see. 

Finance Fridays – My original goal for Finance Friday’s was to have one every Friday and if not every Friday, Every other Friday and I did not meet my goal.  But I definitely promise to do much better with this going forward. 

Fly Girl of The Moment Feature – I love this feature.  Here is where I like to feature that I think are fly and expose them to the blog world.  I prefer to use non-Bloggers because I feature bloggers in other ways.  Going forward, I would like to have at least one Fly Girl per month. 

Fly Girls In the Street – This feature was fun.  I only wish that I could have had my camera on me each and every time I saw a Fly Girl (or Guy for that matter) in the street.  To my surprise, people were very willing participants to pose in their looks and be featured. 

My Thrifting Chronicles – I must say that one of the BEST things that has happened to me since I’ve started blogging is my introduction to the Thrifting World (well, as an adult anyway).  I have found so many great and unique pieces that I am so proud to tell people, “this is Thrifted”.  This is something that will probably continue forever!  Check this post (here) for one of my FAVORITE Thrifting experiences so far!

Tributes – I took the time to do a few tributes to some of my favorite celebrities in the past year.  Some on good notes and unfortunately one was on a sad note.  Nonetheless, I chose to honor them in my way on the blog. 

Black History Facts – I wish I would have had time to post EVERYDAY in February.  Black History is so important to me and there is so much to share regarding it.  I hope that my readers enjoyed the Black History Facts I shared during the month of February, I will definitely incorporate that segment again in February!

Giveaways – In the past year, I hosted 2 Giveaways and I can’t wait to do more.  I mean who doesn’t like winning things?  I know I do.  Check out my Giveaway Winner "Mo" (here) and how she rocked her Style Manor bag.

Polyvore Sets – How cool is Polyvore?  I love playing around with it.  It’s so fun and addictive!  I shared a few of the sets I created in the last year here and I need to create some more to share.  If you haven’t played around on Polyvore, go do it now!

Reader Inquiries – I want more of these!  Please feel free to send them in to the blog inbox or the Facebook page.  These are so fun and I LOVE helping people.  I will randomly posts requests for these, I like the challenge. 

Shopping Chronicles – I love to shop and I try and share some of my shopping chronicles on the blog with pictures.  In the future, I plan on doing some haul videos. 

But Dolls that is not all!  I plan on bringing so much more in this next year and I’m so excited about it.  Through my blogging experience, I have seen how far Blogging can take people having witnessed people turn this into a career, a business, a brand, and some are on their way to building empires!  Isn’t that fabulous?  With Blogging, the sky is truly the limit you set.  Here are some of the things that I have planned for the upcoming year:

Blog Layout Re-Design – I told myself that I didn’t want to spend any money on my blog until I was seriously committed to it and I feel like the time is now.  I’m over a year in and I’m committed and want to take What’s More Important Than Fashion? VERY FAR!!!  With that said, you have to invest in yourself and I will be doing just that.  If any of you are talented with Blog Design or can recommend someone who is, please let me know. 

Fly Guys of The Moment – Isn’t it about time we see some FLY Guys?  I know I’m ready for them.  I look forward to showcasing some Fly Guys of The Moment this year!

MORE Finance Fridays – As stated above, I really dropped the ball in this area, after all this is the other half of my blog and my true love.  Don’t worry, you will be Financially Empowered reading What’s More Important Than Fashion? going forward. 

MORE Blogger Inspired Fashion Weeks – I think that my readers LOVE my “Blogger Inspired Fashion Week” brainchild.  I had so much fun doing this and I am truly looking forward to doing it again.  Maybe I can get it done twice this go round….we’ll see!

MORE Giveaways – I LOVE Giveaways and I want to GIVE you more and I will!!!  So be ready for them Dolls!

D.I.Y. – Now, I’m not the most crafty girl on the block but I have seen some cute DIY projects that I’m willing to give a shot.  Not only do I want to give some DIY projects a try, but I want to showcase some other truly crafty people and share their DIY creations with you guys.  I’m looking forward to that. 

Makeovers – I love helping people come into their own and what better way to help them do that than with a makeover.  This is a dream of mine and I hope to be able to share this with you guys very soon. 

Videos – I LOVE a good haul or demo video, sooooo I figured that it’s only fair if I do a few of my own, right?  Wish me luck on this endeavor.  I will commit to at least one, LOL!!!

And out of all of that, the list goes on and on and on!!!!

Dolls, I want to thank each and every one of your for your love and support of What’s More Important Than Fashion? and I ask you to stick around, because the BEST is yet to come. 

Love You for Following,


  1. Aww, congrats on reaching the one year mark!! It is certainly a milestone. You have done quite a bit in your one year, and I look forward to what's in store for year 2 :-).

  2. Congrats on your first year! You certainly have done a lot, I cant wait to see more!

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary! Your blog was one of the first that I followed when I started blogging :)

  4. Happy Anniversary to your blog! I wish you all the best with whatever the future has in store (:

  5. Congratulations!! One year is a huge milestone!! I haven't been around for the entire year, but I'm here now!! lol! Looks like you have some great things planned. Can't wait to see!

  6. Congrats on your anniversary!!! I love your blog and loved the finance fridays and can't wait to see more posts!


  7. Congrats on your Blogiversary! Nice post :)


  8. Congrats! this is an amazing reflection!

  9. COngratulations G on your 1 year blogoversary! I look fwd to more outfit posts, thrifting chronicles and to see you covering future events on WMIT!

  10. Congrats!!! I never checked the site until now. Love it!!! Keep up the hard work!!!

  11. I know I'm late...but I'm so happy for you! I love your blog, keep up the great work! :)

    Happy Bloggy-versary!


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