August 9, 2012

Bad Pile?

Hey Dolls!!!

Ever have "one of those days" or for my fellow bloggers "bad picture taking sessions" or outfits that just don't hold their weight on  camera like they do in person  Well, this post is dedicated to those kinds of situations.  I know I can't be the only one!!  I  battled back and forth on so many potential titles for this post.  Some of titles that didn't make the cut were:  The Rejects, Unsubstantial, Not Good Enough, Cut, and The Outtakes.  I finally settled on:  "Bad Pile" because that's where these pictures belong.  

They didn't start out that way, I wore these looks with the intention of them being solid Blog Post material, but something about them just wasn't good enough for their own individual posts.  Either, my hair wasn't right, I didn't take enough pictures, the pictures don't capture the outfit, or I may have been feeling P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot and Tempting), LOL!!!  But that is strictly my opinion.  Sometimes, we are our worst critics.  Dolls, I want you guys weigh in on these pictures and tell me what you think of the looks.  Do they belong in the "Bad Pile"?  Or am I tripping?  

This first group pictures are from a post that was supposed to be called:  "Chocolate Wave"  Although, I like this look, this is before I had a decent camera and had to "over-edit" my pictures.  Notice the difference in color and brightness on these pictures?  I also, needed a hair cut so I wasn't feeling my hair that day either, LOL!  This is when I was just getting started with blogging.  I guess these pictures can get the "newbie" pass.  

What I’m Wearing – Blazer: Thrifted (also seen here)/Skirt: Zara/Tank: Banana Republic/Shoes: Aldo/ Necklace: Charlotte Russe/Earrings: BeBe/Belt:  Target

This picture is from a post that had a working title of:  "Color Me Pink".  When I decided not to use these pictures, I actually used this title for another post (here).  This was probably taken shortly after the "Chocolate Wave" post from above if you look at that outgrown haircut.  But, anyhoo this post didn't make the cut because the outfit just didn't translate on camera for me and the pictures didn't come out cute.  This was the best one of the bunch.  
What I’m Wearing – Tank: Marshall's/Shirt & Pants: The Limited/Neck Tie: Taken off an Express Shirt (also worn here)/Shoes: Zara/ Bracelet: Forever 21/Earrings: Street Vendor (FAMU Homecoming 2009)

In my opinion, this attempt was a FAIL by my standards.  This was from a post that was to be called "Trying to Winterize".  Where I took a piece I wear in the Summer and making appropriate for Winter, well a Florida Winter, LOL!!!  I do this all the time, but this one just didn't turn out right.  So I chose not to post it.  But I'll let you guys see now.
What I’m Wearing – Dress: Ross/Sunnies: Kenneth Cole/Zipper Earrings: H&M/Bracelet: Burlington Coat Factory/Necklace: Gifted/ Purse: Target/Feather Earrings: LA Lynn's Accessory Shoppe/ Jacket and Scarf: Target 

This post was to be called:  "Blue Jeans and Busch Gardens".  I had just got my cute little "BLUE" jeans and decided to wear them to our annual company Christmas outing at Busch Gardens.  The jeans felt fine, but this day I felt so P.H.A.T.  and the pictures did not turn out good in my opinion.  But these two were OK.  

What I’m Wearing – Jacket & Jeans: Marshall's/Shoes: Converse/Earrings:  Thrifted/ Necklace & Bracelet: Old Time Pottery

I actually LOVE this look!  I had been wanting to wear it for a while but we hardly got an opportunity to wear any "Winter Clothes" in Florida this past Winter (and I'm not complaining), but on this night I was rushing out of the house to an event that ended up starting late, UGH!!!!  I was upset when I got there because I could have spent more time taking pictures and perhaps they would have come out better.  I didn't have a name for this post because there weren't enough pictures to create one.  These are the only two I was able to take. 
What I’m Wearing – Jacket: Old Navy/Dress: Zara/Earrings & Necklace:  Charlotte Russe/Bracelets: Baker's/Tights:  Target/Boots:  Ann Taylor

Now this was a funny day when I was taking pictures.  It was WINDY as I don't know what outside!!!  So the working title for this post was: "Hats Off", it was TOTALLY fitting because I was literally chasing my hat on the ground because it kept blowing off my head.  It was craziness.  But this was another P.H.A.T. day for me too. So they didn't make the cut either.  

What I’m Wearing – Blazer: Thrifted/Jeans, Camisole & Necklace: Forever 21/Earrings:  Burlington Coat Factory/Bracelets: Baker's/Ring:  ABC Trading Co./Shoes:  Steve Madden/Sunnies:  Steve Madden/Hat:  Gifted

This day, I don't know what happened.  My look was cute in person, but I was rushing again.  This was another Marathon Day, too many events and not enough time.  So there a lot of hit or miss cute shots in this outfit.  I was actually going to name this post "Untitled", I just couldn't come up with anything better.  I guess that's why it ended up in the "Bad Pile".

What I’m Wearing – Shirt: Thrifted/Pants: Express/Necklaces & Ring:  Forever 21/Earrings: Baker's/Purse & Shoes:  Aldo/Belt:  Target

Well Dolls, there you have it.  Tell me what you think of these pictures that ended up in the "Bad Pile".  Fellow Bloggers, if you have some similar experiences, please share.  

Love You for Following,


  1. Love this post you look amazing in all your pictures all those colors and outfits are unique in they're own way!

  2. Great post! These are all statements that reflect your fashion flair and your unique ability to pull that perfect look together. Who's BAD? my MJ voice! Love it!

  3. SUCH cute outfits!!! Plus I think you are being waayy too hard on yourself. You look super chic in the majority of them <3 Follow back for any makeup and skin care knowledge!

  4. very nice love!

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  5. Nice outfits! I love how you play with colour.


  6. awesome :)
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  7. haha great post...i have plenty of files i have yet to post because i dont like the photos...which is why i always check all the photos and if i dont like them we change locations lol.


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  8. Great looks.
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  9. That last look is my fav! I completely empathize with you about posts but I think you may be a lil crazy :) I liked every pic and thought they were blog worthy!!!

    my issue is I forget to take pics or my "camera man" gets tired after two shots :(

    oh well - the life of a blogger!!!


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