September 25, 2012

Reds & Greens

Hey Dolls!!
Hope all is well!  Looking back at these pictures is just making me crack up laughing.  I look so upset, but I promise I wasn't upset at all.  It was H-O-T as I don't know what this day, so my picture taking mood quickly dwindled hence the unhappy and confused look on some of the pictures. Please forgive me for the MEAN MUG, LOL!!
I love this combination of colors together.  There are ways of blending reds and greens together without looking to "Christmasey".  For me the trick is paring all versions of both color families together.  Here I'm wearing the Primary Color Red, which I call True Red and Olive Green and a pop of chartruse (in the neckalce) which can be considered a part of the Green color family as well. 
I also like to pair burgundy or as its being called this year "Oxblood" with Olive green and True Green. It's just important to remember to play around with color schemes and DON'T be afraid to mix them up. 
What I'm Wearing:  Thrifted Blazer/Thrifted Necklace Julie's Walk In Closet/Banana Republic Pants/Zara Pumps/Thrifted Earrings/Old Navy Ring

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  1. LOL @ you mean mugging~~~ U pulled this look off effortlessly w/o looking "Christmasey"! I really need some RED in my closet!!!!!


  2. I wore this color scheme the other day! I haven't posted pics yet, but great fashionistas think alike!

    You look fab!

    I'm loving your new blog design it looks fabulous!!

  3. I never thought of pairing red with green! This looks great on you. I'm loving your necklaces as well.

  4. That! You look lovely darling!


  5. I usually think of this color combo as Christmasey too, but YOU make it look amazing! That army green is SO GOOD with the red! And you're still looking FAB even though it's hot as heck outside! Sometimes, I'll see sweat glistening on my blog pics! YIKES! :)

    xo, sam
    **Style of Sam**

  6. I adore the color combo especially the pop of red in the outfit, you look very chic & classy!

  7. Loving the fit on that blazer!

  8. LOL I always feel like I'm giving the stink eye in all of my photos too. Usually its because I'm paying too much attention to everything and everyone around me and don't realize that the timer on my camera went off. Woops! I love red/olive/white together. It is a lovely fall color combo. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it.

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