October 18, 2012

Before Pictures

Hey Dolls!!

As you guys know, I’m on this Fitness Challenge for MMFitness and my trainer Micah requested that I take BEFORE pics soooooooo here goes. 

From the pictures you can see, I have a lot of work to do, but I’m all for it.  Getting in proper physical shape is necessary for me and I have a Fitness Goal to reach.  So this Challenge is really a jump-start to get there. 

Micah is really pushing for me to get back to my competition body, but that isn’t my goal – LOL!!!  So we'll see what happens.  

I blurred my face out in the pics because my after workout face is NOT cute, LOL!!!  But that's OK, I don't look cute when I workout I don't even dress cute when I workout.  I just don't believe in spending a lot of money on clothes that all I do is sweat in.  I'd rather spend my money on REAL clothes.  The only real investment I make in workout gear is the shoes and the sports bras.  Other than that, I'm not the "FLY GIRL" at the gym.  

Today, we did an outdoor cardio workout with drills that tested my endurance.  Other than getting eaten up by mosquitoes, it was a great workout!!!  

But, that's it for this post Dolls!!!!  Stay tuned for the updates.  


  1. Wishing you much success ! I'm sure you will exceed your goal :)


  2. wishing you all the best - I have to get on my fitness grind

  3. Go head girl.., get, get, get it!!!!!


  4. Work it out girl! Best of luck to you,,,I'm on the same path :-)


  5. Get it girl. Wishing you much success.

  6. Great job! Keep it up and wishing you all the best!


  7. Work it out! I'm back in the gym myself, this menopause weight is no joke!! Feel like I'm fighting even harder to get the weight off this time. You have a good workout regimen. I'm sure you will see results in no time!

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