October 4, 2012

Haute Accessory Fashion Show

Hey Dolls!!
I had the pleasure of attending a FABULOUS event in the Tampa Bay area:  The HAUTE Accessory Show!  I have to tell you this event was like something that I've never seen in Tampa.  It was a Fashion Show and the primary focus was to highlight what brings our clothes to life...ACCESSORIES!!!
HAUTE is an event that highlights the contributions that accessory designers make to the fashion industry; featuring the unique and creative works of independent and emerging accessory designers.
I must say that I truly enjoyed myself at this event.  I was exposed to some fabulous designers in the Tampa Bay area whom I may not have gotten exposed to otherwise.  I'd like to share the pictures I managed to take during the show.  I have to warn you, there are a lot, LOL!!

Such a great amd diverse showcase!!!  I have to say that my favorites were the headpices by Boldly Unique and the accessories by Nicole Shannon.    Be sure to check out their sites. 

After the show I got to snap a quick picture with the man behind it all Mr. Lacey B. Smith. Lacey is a pretty cool guy and a big power player in the Tampa Bay Fashion scene.  Prior to settling in Tampa Lacey spent years in New York City, there he assisted in launching the careers of numerous young designers and still serves as a mentor as they continue on their paths within the industry.

Lacey is also the Chief Executive Producer of The Fashion Movement a leading multi faceted fashion events production and marketing organization based in Tampa Florida. Through his organization, Lacey seeks to provide the platform needed for designers of garments and accessories and other visionaries in the fashion, style and beauty industries to market and establish their brands.  I LOVE it!!!  If you'd like to know more about Lacey, The Fashion Movement and upcoming events, join The Fashion Movement Facebook page!
Lastly, I snapped a few pics of my girl Tab and her daughter with one of the show's models.  Kaelin is in 7eventh Heaven!

Ok, Ok he is cute, I had to get a picture with him too, LOL!! 
Overall, I think is one of the BEST Fashion related events I have had the opportunity to attend in Tampa.  If you want more pictures and information on the designers, please click (here).  I'm looking forward to next year's event!

Boldly Unique
Bella Contessa Designs
Chronicle Stones
Designs by Rabiah
EWeekes Designs
Farrah Estrella Jewelry
Nicole Shannon Designs
YAJA Collection
Speaking of accessories, I'd like to announce the ChoklatTea Giveaway winners...
If you don't know them, please meet these two lovely ladies who are also Fashion Bloggers.

Whitney won the earrings and Inez won the necklace.  I can't wait to see the ladies rock these pieces!


  1. Wow! This looks like a fabbb event! I will definitely check out the FB page because I will be in the Tampa area around thanksgiving. We should hook up if you are in town ;)

    1. Hey Ari! Yeah, he does a lot of things in this area, definitely check out his page. And yes, if you're in the area around Thanksgiving, we should definitely link up!!! Send me an email with your info to: info@whatsmoreimportantthanfashion.com


  2. These are my kind of statement necklaces.

  3. was so distracted by that model's abs in the first pic i could barely concentrate on the jewelry and accessories! haha, just kidding - I did love the unique bow ties that the girls wore toward the end of the fashion show. nice to see upcoming talent!

    a coy perspective

  4. Looks like a great show, the accessories are fab. We were blown away the first time we came across his Facebook page, he's absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


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