October 15, 2012

Starting Now!

Hey Dolls!!

Some of you may remember that back in June, I began a rigorous Fitness Training program with MM Fitness.  My trainer Micah Morgan started his brainchild Summer Soldiers and it was very intense and very necessary [for me]. 
At the end of the Summer Soldiers Bootcamp, I saw great results and I was very proud of myself and then I got hit with a foot injury that caused me to have to stop working out for virtually the entire month of August and I felt like all my hard work went down the drain.  I was anxious to get back to working out, but my work load had gotten heavy and I started making excuses about why I was NOT working out - NOT good!  Because as my Mentor says: "Excuses are tools of the incompetent that build monuments of nothingness..."
But, I was so thankful that a few weeks ago, Micah presented a CHALLENGE on Facebook for Bloggers to experience a whole month of Training with MMFitness for free and blog about it for 30 days.  When I saw it, I jumped at the opportunity.  Why?  Because I truly believe that Micah is an EXCELLENT trainer that provides REAL results.  So, why wouldn't I do this?  Who better than me, right? LOL!!

Additionally, I need to get myself back on track to making fitness truly a regular part of my life.  Not that long ago, I was a Fitness Junkie and Gym Rat, even took it to the point of competing in a Fitness Competition in 2006.  (I placed 5th by the way).

I'm not necessarily trying to get back to competition mode, but I am making it a point to keep and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle - PERIOD

So here goes...I'm about to begin this month of intense training from Micah Morgan of MMFitness.  I have to admit, I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  But I know I'm in good hands!  I will continue to update the blog with my progress and results.  Wish me luck Dolls!!!!  Let's Go Micah!!!


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