November 29, 2012

How Many Ways? Teal Silk Pants

Hey Dolls!!
Here is another installation of "How Many Ways."  This "How Many Ways" featured item is this fabulous pair of teal silk pants I found last year during one of my very first thrifting trips.  I purchased these pants at a local Goodwill here in Tampa and I fell in love with the color of them.  As you all may or may not know, with some thrifted items you have to be careful with them because they can be very delicate.  These pants are delicate so I can't wear them that often but when I do wear them, everyone seems to notice these pants.   
As with everything I wear, I like to take a different apporach with the items when I style them and these pants are no different.  I love the fact that each time I wear these pants I put a different spin on them.  Below are three pictures of me sporting these pants and I'd like to know which look was your FAVORITE
Brights and Black Look

Blocks of Color Look

Miami Dolphin Look
Ok Dolls, so which "Teal Silk Pants" look was your favorite?  Weigh in! Cast your vote and make it count!    

November 2, 2012

Wedding Fab - Jeremy & Adrienne

Hey Dolls!!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my friend Jeremy’s Wedding in Detroit.  Jeremy is one of the first friends I met at FAMU.  He and I had to team up for an assignment Freshman year and we’ve been cool ever since.  So of course when he send me the invite I couldn’t miss it.  I hope you guys enjoy the pictures I took at the wedding.  Jeremy and Adrienne make a fabulous couple and I wish them all the best! 

I attempted to hang out with the FashDET girls and Blog Buddies Inez and Erica while I was there but, time ran short and I lost a whole day due to unforeseen flight issues with United Airlines – UGH!!!  Definitely, next time ladies.

What I'm Wearing:  Antonio Melani Dress/Zara Sandals/Aldo Clutch/Target Cocktail Ring/Forever 21 Earrings

The Wedding was like a mini FAMU reunion.  One of my college roommates, Dominique is from Detroit as well and she still lives there so of course she came with me and we had a ball.  Funny thing is, while in college I introduced her to more people from Detroit than she connected with on her own through Jeremy, LOL!!

All in all, I had a great time in Detroit.  I would love to take a trip back, preferably in the Summer, because I’m spoiled by the Florida weather now and as we know, it gets COLD in the D.

To close, I’d like to say Congratulations to the Happy Couple Adrienne and Jeremy and I wish you two tremendous blessings throughout your marriage, God Bless!  Thanks for allowing me to share your special day with you!

November 1, 2012

MMFitness Update

Hey Dolls!!

I have to update you guys on my Fitnes Challenge with MMFitness presented to me by my trainer Micah  I haven't been slacking on my workouts like I have on my posts.  Please forgive me, I recently lost my Grandfather Otis Frazier Sr. - my last living Grandparent and traveled back home to St. Louis for his Homegoing.  He had a very beautiful send off and with all that going on, blogging just took a back seat. 

However, I'm back now to share some of the exercises that Micah had me doing last week.  He really put me to the test, especially on the days where I did Two-A-Days with him.  Talk about workouts!  I am starting to get anxious to see what the transformation will look like after a month.  But I have no choice but to be patient, LOL!


Well Dolls, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and please, take note of some of the workouts as well.  We started our journey on Monday, October 15th However, I didn't start bringing my exercise Journal until Friday, October 19th. 

Morning Workout - October 19th
Half Mile Run (Warm Up)
Agilities (Warm Up)
60 Meter Sprints (12)
Mile Run (Cool Down) Completed in 10:22

Evening Workout - October 19th
15 Leg Extensions (50 lbs.) 3 Sets
60 Jump Ropes 3 Sets
15 Tricep Extensions (22 lbs.) 2 Sets
30 Bicep Curls w/bands 3 Sets
12 Hamstring Curls (40 lbs.) 2 Sets
12 Lower Back Extensions 2 Sets (Each Side)
25 Jumping Jacks 3 Sets
200 Various Ab Exercises
2 Mile Run

Morning Workout - October 22nd
15 Push Ups 3 Sets
15 Leg Lifts (50 lbs) 3 Sets
25 Jumping Jacks 3 Sets
15 Tricep Extensions (22 lbs.) 3 Sets
20 Inverted Crunches 2 Sets
60 Jump Ropes 3 Sets
20 Squat Ball Taps 3 Sets
10 minute Interval Run on Treadmill

Evening Workout - October 22nd
3 Way Lunges 3 Sets (each leg)
60 Jump Ropes 3 Sets
20 Tricep Curls w/bands 3 Sets
12 Hamstring Curls 3 Sets
3 Mile Run/Walk

Sorry, but we forgot to document the exercises from Tuesday, October 23rd.
*Note:  10/24 - 10/29 I did not workout with Micah due to bereavement travel. 

All in all, I am actually enjoying this challenge.  Personally, I ALWAYS have better workouts with a trainer versus with myself alone.  I learned how to wrok myself out years ago.  However, I need that extra push to keep me focused, motivated and thatextra PUSH just helps.  Micah is relentless!!!