January 30, 2013

Be Different Than Your Surroundings!

Hey Dolls!!

I have more pictures from the fabulous DonovanJames.  I took these pics the same day as the eShakti photo-shoot.  Actually this look was the first look and I asked Donovan to shoot me in the eShakti Coat afterwards.  When Donovan contacted me for a photo-shoot and all he told me was that I’d be shooting in a field that was mostly yellow.  So I had to come up with colors that would look good against that backdrop. 
With red being my FAVORITE color, of course that was my first go to, but I did want to include other colors as well.  One of the first things I came across in my closet was this Liz Claiborne flannel shirt I thrifted last year, so I used that to layer.  Then pulled out this tank top that my Best Friend Niesha gave me years ago for my Birthday and it all came together from there.  I went for something rugged with feminine undertones.  As you can see the pictures came out fabulously.  The colors really pop against nature’s background. 
What I'm Wearing: Thrifted Liz Claiborne Plaid Shirt/Random Tank/H&M Earrings/GoJane Boots/Gap Jeans/Gucci & Jessica Simpson Sunnies/Bracelets from Bakers, Target, & OldNavy/No Bad Ideas Snapback/Necklace - Random Find in Los Angeles

I think I’ve gotten a bit spoiled with Donovan’s work.  At this point, I want him to shoot all my blog pictures.  LOL!!! 


  1. These photos are great!!!! You look awesome. How fun!


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