January 14, 2013

Red Carpet Review - Golden Globes 2013

Hey Dolls!!

Happy New Year!  I know I took a longer break than expected but I'm back now.  What better way to start with a Red Carpet Review.  I've never done one of these before but I thought it would be fun.  

So let's get started with my thoughts on last night's fashions.  The Golden Globes is the first show to kick off Awards Season and overall, there were of course some fabulous hits and some terrible misses and even some looks that just fell in between.  I just feel like when you have made the leap to Red Carpet status your look should be fabulous from Head to Toe and some of the looks were disappointing because they missed the mark in some aspect.  

My Favorite Looks of the Night

Julianne Hough - I loved this look so much.  She nailed it!!  My only concern about this look is that its so fabulous, I'm not sure what she can follow up with at the Oscars.  

Katherine McPhee - This is what I mean when I say Head to Toe Fabulous.  Everything in her look is on point from top to bottom and this dress fits her beautifully!!!  

Julianne Moore - She looked fabulous in her Tom Ford look.  Very fitting for her and again Head to Toe Fabulous

Jessica Chastain - I am loving her hair and make up and it fits very nicely with this look.  She may have received flack from others for this look, but I like it on her.  Nicely done.  

Kelly Osbourne - Looked fantastic last night.  Her purple hair and emerald earrings gave this dress the right amounts of pop.  Loves it!

Salma Hayek - She just oozes sex appeal.  She gives this dress exactly what it needs.  Very nice and her earrings and lip work fabulously with this dress.  Simple Elegance.  

Taylor Swift - She looks amazing in this eggplant dress.  I reminds me of a red carpet look from the 90's but still works for today.  

Jennifer Lopez - She is Head to Toe FABULOUS in this look.  The nude tone in this lacy number matches her skin perfectly.  Her hair and simple accessories pull this look together very well and her curves give this dress life!  I doubt that many could pull this dress of like she is.  

Thandie Newton - I thought she looked fab in this short number.  Very cute and a different twist on the traditional Award Show gown.  I love how her hair looks effortless but appropriate for her dress.  

Amy Adams - She looks gorgeous in her dress.  I love that its Old Hollywood with a modern twist.  The wavy hair works perfectly.  The textures and subtle hints of color give this look energy so it doesn't fall flat.  

Rumer Willis - I like this look on her.  Something different but it doesn't overpower her.  She also made great choices with her jewelry.  With a dress like this you need to be subtle with accessories.  

Carla Gugino - This dress is really gorgeous.  Love all the detail.  Very elegant and sophisticated.  She wore this perfectly.  

Nicole Richie - She looks great in this blue lacy dress.  I like how she combined softness and edgy with her clutch.  Very nicely done, my only critique is I wish her earrings were a bit more impactful.  

Emily Blunt - This is another dress that reminded me of 90's Red carpet Fashion, but I like it on Emily.  The pops of fuschia give life to this look and her hair and make up is amazing! 

Ariel Winter - The cute little sister from Modern Family looks very darling and age appropriate in this dress. This is a look that not everyone can pull off but it works for her.  Cute, fun and playful.  I love that its a different take on what teenagers are typically dressed in on Red Carpets.

Next up are the looks that are cute but Missed The Mark somewhere 

Lucy Liu - I love this dress to pieces!  I even love the hair style that they were going for with it, but the hair just missed the mark.  Like I said, I like Head to Toe fabulousness on Red Carpets.  Everything needs to be on point and they fell short on this look with the poor styling of the hair.  

Nicole Kidman - Now I've never lived for Nicole Kidman's looks like a lot of people do, but she has had some hits for me over the years.  But this choice for the Golden Globes fell flat for me in several places starting with the hair.  Additionally, the accessories are just all wrong for this kind of dress.  I feel like this beautiful dress can be styled so much better.

Kate Hudson - Kate said this dress was a last minute choice but it certainly didn't look like it.  Her body is fab and it fits in this dress perfectly.  However, the hairstyle she chose is taking away from some of the fabulous detail this dress has to offer.  

Naomi Watts - Gorgeous Dress...poorly styled.  Much too "Match Matchy".  I think this look could have been taken in a different direction with a more thought out choice in accessories.  Also, the hair could have been better as well.  

Kerry Washington - Now she usually gives me what I need on Red Carpets but she missed the mark here.  I love the dress, but it is weighed down with her hair and her shoes.  It really looks like Kerry forgot she was supposed to be at the Golden Globes and someone gave her their Option 2 dress.  

Jodie Foster - This Golden Globes Honoree left me on the fence with this look.  Again the hair was way to heavy and the dress is kinda outdated.  But I think that somebody could have brought life to it with different hair and more curves.  

Halle Berry - Halle, Halle, Halle!  Everyone knows I live for Miss Halle but I'm so confused by this dress.  You can see that her body looks fabulous in it and her hair and make up is FLAWLESS, but I don't know something about this look is very "Design School Project."

These next few looks left me wanting more.  I can't put my finger on what they need, but they needs something!

Zooey Deschanel - I heard a lot of people talking about how fabulous Zooey looked in this dress but for me it left a lo to be desired.  I don't know why, maybe I feel like Zooey has done this look too many times.  

Anne Hathaway - This was a very simple and understated look that was also a Throwback to 90's Red Carpet Fashion.  I just don't feel like Anne has brought it justice her.  Perhaps its the haircut on her with this dress.  It ages her here.  

Claire Danes - Her Post Baby Body is great!  But I need something else here in this look.  Her hair and make up is on point as well.  But there needs to be another hint of color added somewhere in this look to provide some balance.  

Sophia Vergara - I love Sophia but I am sick and tired of seeing her wear this same look to EVERY awards show.  This look has been done too many times by her.  She is to gorgeous of a woman to repeat this look over, and over again.  

This last set of looks are my nominations for WORST Dressed of the night

Giuliana Rancic - This look is so horrible on her.  It eats her tiny little frame alive and looks more like a costume for a movie or play about Henry VIII.  I didn't like anything about it.  

Amanda Seyfried - This look makes her look like a ghost or zombie.  The color completely washes her out and doesn't do anything for her.  Whatever accessories she chose to wear are completely dominated by her EVERYDAY hair.  Better luck next time.  

Sienna Miller - This has to be hands down my least favorite of the night.  Sienna Miller is GORGEOUS but this look is NOT.  This two-piece ensemble looks like a quilt from the 70's.  The shapeless pieces do nothing for her figure and it smothers her body.  

Well Dolls, that was my rundown for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.  Let me know what you think.  Do you agree or disagree with my opinions?  Also, feel free to let me know if I left anyone out.  These are just the people who stood out to me.  I'm looking forward to the remainder of Awards Season.  Let's just hope these ladies either keep up the GOOD WORK or learn from their MISTAKES!  I expect Head to Toe Fabulousness.  Until next time Dolls!  


  1. They all looked amazing but J.LO and Kate Hudson...and Halle!!!! They looked Head to Toe Fabulous for sure!

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