February 22, 2013

Christian Fashion Week 2013

Hey Dolls!!
If you follow me on Instagram (I hope you do), you know that I had the pleasure of being one of the stylists at the very first Christian Fashion Week.  This event was so amazing and I was honored to be a part of it.  I gained the connection to this event with the help of Tamy Lugo, a very fabulous and popular stylist here in the Tampa Bay Area.  Last year, I was online research the Tampa Bay Fashion Scene and I came across Tamy’s Blog and I was just in awe of her story and the success that she’s had in the Business of Fashion.  After reading about her, I reached out to her hoping for a chance to meet up with her and just pick her brain about Fashion and how to make a career out of it and she was so helpful and told me about the brainchild her and her team had developed called “Christian Fashion Week.” 
I told her I’d definitely love to be a part of it and thankfully she kept me in mind when the time came to choose stylists.  Just to give you guys a bit of the back story…Tee Hee.  Here are some of the pictures I managed to snap at the VIP Model For Jesus Reception:

The vision of Christian Fashion Week is to create the world's first series of fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion with a Christian worldview, considering Christian values such as modesty, boldness, and true style and this event did just that.  There was a total of eight designers that were featured in the Fashion Show and they came from near and wide.  The designers included Renee Scarborough and her line Two Coconuts Swimwear, Julia Chew and her line Xiaolin, Sandra Hagen, Franco Montoro, Sumita Bhojwani, Pat McGhee, Carmelita Couture, and Alma Vidovic.  Each and every designer was fabulous with a wide array of offerings suitibale for a Christian audience as well as High Fashion Runways. 
Since I was working the event, I didn’t get to take the kinds of pictures I would have like to.  But there was no way I was walking away with NO pictures, LOL!!!  I pulled out my phone every chance I got.  So excuse the quality.  But they came out pretty good.  I’ll also provide links where you can take a look at some of the professional photos to get a true feel of the garments from the show. 

Two Coconuts Swimwear
Julia Chew - Xiaolin

Sandra Hagen

I had the opportunity of being the Stylist for Carmelita Couture.  Her body of work is amazing and she is quite accomplished having shown at Fashion Week and created pieces for well known celebrities.  Her motto is:  "I want to dress a woman into her true Identity and help her walk in a new form of Fashion Fierceness. "  Isn’t that beautiful? Take in all of the pics from the show.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. 

Carmelita Couture


Alma Vidovic

Well Dolls, I hope you enjoyed it all.  I know I did.  I’m so very excited to see how BIG Christian Fashion Week grows to.  I know it will be HUGE and I can say that I am a part of it.  I can’t wait til’ next year.  In the meantime. please check the links below to find out everything you need to know about Christian Fashion Week 2013. 

Christian Fashion Week Related Links for Pictures and Information

Christian Fashion Week Website:

Professional Photos (courtesy of FarrahEstrella):


  1. Amazing outfit! I love the shoes:)


  2. Awesome!! I love all of the behind the scene pictures. Thanks for sharing my articles and pictures I really apreciate it!!..XOXO

    1. No problem Farrah!!! I'm so glad you posted pics!!!

  3. It was great meeting you at Christian Fashion Week VIP Reception. Glad I did! Awesome blog and behind the scene pics of the show. And, you are rocking the shoes. Take care and God bless.

    Beauty Talk Illustrated Magazine

    1. Thank you so much Ida!!! It was a pleasure to meet you as well. Let's stay connected. I hope you'll follow my blog!

  4. What a mark God is making on the fashion industry! He is so awesome. I hope to attend the next CFW. Great job!


  5. What a great blog! I am a Christian woman who has ALWAYS LOVED fashion and beauty. I may never make it to fashion week, but I pray God's blessing on CFW. (Love the logo!)


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