February 4, 2013

Fly Guy of The Moment - Galloway

Hey Dolls!!

Time for another "Fly Guy of The Moment Featutre"  I get so excited for the Male submissions because I love a Man that makes an effort with his style choices.  This submission comes from Galloway.  Galloway is a 23 year old with aspirations to do BIG things in New York City upon graduating from The University of South Florida with a degree in Theater Arts.
Galloway says that he picked up his incredible fashion influence from and his multicultural looks from his parents who are inheritance of the Chinese, Jamaica, and Nicaraguan tradition.

I met Galloway at a Party in Tampa put on by The Fashion Movement here in Tampa called "BowTies and Clutches".  I saw him and had to take a picture of him.  He had on my favorite male look of the night at that party.  I posted his picture on my personal Facebook page and many people took notice with "Likes" and comments (mostly   Take a look at Galloway's Interview below to learn more about this Tampa native. 
Describe your personal Style.
My style is versatile. Usually urban and classic combined with vivid colors.

How often do you change up your style?
I often change my style daily, depending on the way I feel and the weather.

What are your favorite brands and places to shop?
My favorite brands are Neverstale, Diesel, and G-Star. My favorite places to shop are H&M, Forever21, and Thrift Stores.
Who is your fashion icon?
My fashion icons are Tyson Beckford and Kate Moss

What is your favorite fashion accessory?
My favorite fashion accessory would be watches and hats.

What trend/style do you love?
I love the classic trend and the urban fitted trend.

What trend/style do you hate?
I have to admit that I hate the baggy jeans/baggy clothes trend.

What are wardrobe staples that everyone should have in their closet?
Every guy should have a solid white/black v neck, fitted suit, bow tie, hat, and clean sneakers.

What is one fashionable item you couldn't live without?
I could not live without a watch.

If you could raid someone's closet, who's would it be?
If I could raid someone’s closet, it would have to be designer Nihn Nuygen’s closet.
Besides the U.S., where else would you love to go shopping?
Besides the U.S., I would love to shop in Hong Kong and Amsterdam

This Galloway Feature was so fun and refreshing.  I love how his style can go from Classic to Edgy and he still owns the looks.  He definitely is a head turner when you see him out and about.  What he loves about fashion, is that you can make anything look good. Whether it be an old three year old shirt to a new pair of sneakers. You don't necessarily have to follow every trend and have money to look fashionable. You can make fashion unique and make it your style. It defines who you are and it makes you different.  I couldn't agree more! 
Galloway is constantly striving to make his hopes and dreams come true.  He says,"I still have hopes of being on TV and make it to one of the world top magazines like GQ, Vogue, and Vibe these are just some of many that I plan to purse in my career."
Go Galloway, live out your dreams and remember to keep it Fly!!!  Be sure to show Galloway some love Dolls and check out his NeverStale line (here). 


  1. Great images and article on Galloway. This is a rising star on the runway, print and any other medium he chooses.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I love Galloway! He sure is a rising star!

  2. Great style and great feature! It's so funny, initially when I clicked on this post I thought it was Miguel(the singer).


  3. i love his style.like guys who are really fashionable and i like the coloured pants and the blazer,hot.wanna follow each other?

    1. Me too Doll!!! I'd love to follow each other! Let's stay connected!

  4. Super stylish! Loved the display of designer wear for men.. Great one dude!!

    1. Thanks Sunny!!! Galloway is definitely FLY!!!!

  5. Loved the style and those boots.. Perfect casual footwear..

    1. Thanks so much for showing Galloway Love Doll!!! He sure did nail it!


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