March 22, 2013

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week 2013 Featuring: Samantha - Style of Sam

Hey Dolls!!
I hope everyone has enjoyed the “2013 Blogger Inspired Fashion Week(s)” Series.  We are bringing it to a close with the lovely Samantha of Style of Sam.  I just love Sam’s style and her blog.  Her style is so sophisticated.  She’s always mixing something vintage and ladylike into her looks giving them that extra flare and touch of class.  Some of my favorite pieces of hers are from her Grandmother’s closet.  Talk about rare amazing finds!  I’m always a little disappointed when I find out those items are heirlooms…because if they weren’t, I’d definitely be trying to buy them at the mall, LOL!!
I am TOTALLY loving Sam’s new SOS Rx series she created on her blog. I just love that she incorporated what she does Full-Time into her blog in such a fun way!! Be sure to check out more of them on Style of Sam.
Sam and I have been long time followers of each other’s blogs so I always learn something about Sam when I read her posts, but I learned so much more about her during this feature. I know you guys will love Sam just as much as I do. Read her interview below.

Name: Samantha
Age (optional):  over my mid 30s!
Full Time Career:  part-time pharmacist, fell-time dreamer

Tell Me and My Readers a little bit about yourself and your background.
I live in Texas with my husband and 3 furkids, a dog and two cats.  We are hoping to add a real kid in the mix soon!  I LOVE art, but I was encouraged to pursue a career in science because… well, my parents are Asian!  Come on now!  I have always liked dressing up for work even when we can wear scrubs in the hospital.

How would you describe your signature style? 
I WISH I had a signature style.  I call myself a style gypsy, and friends have called me a chameleon.   I dress according to my feelings, weather, daily activities, and my style ranges from boho to glam

How do you go about creating an outfit or look?
I usually start with a special piece {whether it's a favorite piece of jewelry, statement bag, shoes, or new clothing item} and work the outfit around it.  For example, I'll pick a pair of pink pumps and choose the dress, then jewelry, and bag to go with it.
What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate?
That's a hard question - I don't have a favorite feature!  I guess...people compliment my lips when I wear bright lipstick! 

Do you have any Fashion Challenges? 
Yes, TONS! Pattern mixing is a challenge and enigma for me! Sometimes I think I have it, and sometimes it's a total fail! I love the idea of skinny jeans {and wear them regularly} but forget that I am not a 6' supermodel with mile long legs so I wonder why the same outfit doesn't look as smashing on me when I recreate it i.e. all those airport outfit pictures of supermodels looking effortlessly chic! And this part is bad for the blogging. I am really self-conscious when I take blog pictures - an awkward mess! 

What are your FAVORITE places to shop?
My favorite retail places to shop are Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Last Call Neiman Marcus.  I LOVE getting a quality piece at a great bargain.  I also LOVE, LOVE,LOVE going to consignment, vintage, and thrift stores to find unique treasures!  Some of my favorite places for inspiration browsing are Nordstrom’s, Anthropologie, and Neiman Marcus. 

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands?
This is a hard question because I appreciate so many designers and brands.  Just check my closet.  Shhh!  I have Wal-Mart and Chanel right next to each other!  I guess I would say Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga - the clothes are edgy but feminine at the same time and the silhouettes are absolutely amazing.  BTW, Alexander Wang is now taking over Balenciaga.

Is there a Spring/Summer trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe?
I am going to be ALL OVER the pantone color emerald!  It's such a flattering color on everyone.

Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere?
I wrote my first blog post in 2008 during a short stay in Germany with my husband.  We were there for his work and lived there 3 months.  Most of my friends had children and blogged as kind of a digital scrapbook.  Somehow, they convinced me to start one too - my blog was originally named "My Friends Want Me to Blog".  Specifically for style blogging, I was inspired by the blogs Brigadiero and Sea of Shoes.  However, my blogging and photography skills left much to be desired and I was disappointed with a lot of my style posts so was very inconsistent.  In 2011, I started working part-time while we tried to have a family and started posting more regularly as a creative outlet!

What thing(s) sets your blog apart from other blogs? 
Besides some of the pharmacy themed posts, my style is ever changing.  I'm a jack of all styles, and master at none?!  Although it used to annoy me, I'm learning to embrace it.   Fashion is a way to express myself daily!

Where do you see your Blog a year from now?
Hopefully, we are going to be having a new addition to our family!  I'm torn as to whether I should keep my blog strictly a personal style blog or incorporate more family posts, partially because I want to protect the privacy of my family.

Name 3 Bloggers whose style you just live for.
Another very difficult question… because there are so many people who inspire me! Originally, I started this list and it just kept getting longer and longer!  So I'm going to name 3 Dallas bloggers!  Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, Nini Nguyen of NINI Style, and Amber Venz of Venz Edits.  All three absolutely KILL it and are so unique in their fashion sense.

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two. 
Finance is not my strong suit.  Although I can always find the best deal, I can also quickly forget that 5 items at $20 each add up to $100 very quickly.  Luckily, my husband is my rock and has continued to help me learn good financial practices.  I am very far from perfect in this subject but trying to progress!

What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers?
Stay true to yourself.  Post about what you like, not what you think people want.  And write like you are talking to a friend.  {Awhile back, I tried changing my writing style because someone told me that my posts were too informal, but then I felt like a robot writing for a post.  Just be you!}
Isn’t she so cool and down to earth?  She’s so funny and that’s perfect for a girl like me – I LOVE to laugh!  She also dropped some great nuggets on new designers, new brands and new bloggers for me to check out.  Thanks so much Sam!   I also love that she said “write like you’re talking to a friend” because that is exactly the writing style I use on my blog.  Doing it any differently would just be weird (for me). 

What look of Sam’s did I choose to recreate?  Drumroll please…..I went with this ALL WHITE look Sam wore in her Ahoy Mates post on 3/28/2012.  I chose this look because I’ve always wanted to pull off this tied up scarf look and make it chic, so of course this was the perfect opportunity to try it.  I hope you all like it. 

Sam, how did I do? 


  1. Ummm, HELLOOOO!! You did AMAZING!! Like last year, I LOVE your recreations better than the original!! LOL!! You totally rock G!!!

    xo, sam 

  2. Your Blogger Fashion Inspired Week has been AWESOME your style and flair has surpassed the original looks! I am most impressed that you recreated all of the looks with pieces that were in your wardrobe. Continue to inspire all who aspire to the true challenge of What's More Important Than Fashion!!!! Shout out to all of the Bloggers that participated and most of all shout out to you for giving INSPIRATION !!!! Keep up the GOOD work!

  3. What a fun series and great post! We have followed Sam's blog for about two years now and she has really evolved. I love her With Love from Grandma series also and how elegant she always looks.

    Your re-creation of Sam's look was right on! I love it!


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  5. Such a lovely interview! Sam is so stylish! I really like your take on her all white outfit, it suits you so well and your scarf is beautiful :)

    Away From The Blue


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