March 13, 2013

Blogger Inspired Fashion Week 2013 Featuring: Trina - The Baby Shopaholic

Hey Dolls!!

Today, in the Blogger’s Inspired Fashion Week 2013 Series we have Trina (and Peyton) from The Baby Shopaholic.  I have to tell you guys, fell in love with this blog from the first time I visited it.  Trina and her adorable Baby Girl Peyton are always so cute.  For all you Moms out there, Tina’s blog is perfect for showing women how to take care of home, stay fly and keep the babies fly as well.  I love that she shares the great deals, places to shop, and bargains she finds on her daughter Peyton’s clothes with her readers.  And Baby Girl Peyton is a true fashionista indeed.  She serves it in her fashionable baby clothes. 

I live vicariously through Trina and her event posts she shares on her blog.  This girl definitely has made her mark in the blogging world as well as her current city of Atlanta.  They have so many Fashion related events catered to bloggers and Trina definitely is a staple, and her pictures make them look like so much fun! I wish I could attend some.  One of my favorite things to check for on The Baby Shopaholic is Trina’s shoe game.  She has a fabulous shoe collection and her very own “Shoe Guy” LOL! I love it!  Check out more from the lady behind “The Baby Shopaholic.”
Name:  Trina
Age (optional):  34
Full Time Career:  Logistics & Transportation

Tell Me and My Readers a little bit about yourself and your background.
I am originally from the Chicago suburbs, now living in Atlanta with my husband and daughter.  Shopping runs in my blood!  My mom got me shopping at a young age and I have never stopped!  It excites me to find new and fabulous items for my daughter and I!

How would you describe your signature style?
My style is pretty classic with a hint of the trends.  

How do you go about creating an outfit or look?
I try to pick one thing to center an outfit around.  If I have a bomb pair of shoes or a fly jacket I want to wear I will base the outfit on that item. 

What is your FAVORITE Feature to accentuate?
I would say my legs!  That is the only thing that doesn't change much when I gain weight.  I don't mind showing them off.  

Do you have any Fashion Challenges? 
My biggest challenge is that I have a short and thick torso.  I try to wear long tops or high waist dresses to give the illusion that I have a waistline :)

What are your FAVORITE places to shop?
 I shop pretty much everywhere!  From JCPenney to Neiman Marcus.  I know how to find deals anywhere.  

Who are your FAVORITE Designers and/or Clothing Brands?
I love Laundry by Shelli Segal and Rachel Roy.  Their clothes are made for the "Real" woman!

Is there a Spring/Summer trend that you’re dying to incorporate into your wardrobe?
I am excited to rock florals and do a little pattern mixing!
Why Blogging?  What turned you on to the Blogosphere?
I wanted a space where I can share my daughter's and I style.  Before I knew what a blog was, I was really a walking blog!  I used to tell my girls about sales, styles and beauty products that I tried. 

What thing(s) sets your blog apart from other blogs? 
What set me apart is the fact that I bring my daughter along for the ride.  Just because you are a mom doesn't mean you have to forget about your love for fashion and let yourself go.

Where do you see your Blog a year from now?
I hope to continue to grow and provide my readers with new and fresh content. 

Name 3 Bloggers whose style you just live for.
Too many to choose!  Just PatienceAtlantic Pacific and Red Soles and Red Wine.  I would not change a thing about any of their outfits!  

As you know, my blog is geared towards FASHION and FINANCE, so tell me in what ways you combine the two. 
I may be the total opposite of you! LOL!  I am a spender!  I have to keep it real!  But I do try to set budgets on how much I spend weekly.  I also don't splurge like I use to before I had my baby.  I am trying not to just buy thing on sale.  If I don't love it, I am not going to buy it.   I am a work in progress!
What advice would you give to up and coming Fashion Bloggers?
My advice to new bloggers would be write about what you love.  Don't worry about doing what everyone else is doing.  
I really enjoyed Trina’s interview, didn't you?  I especially love what she said about remembering to remain fashionable once you become a Mother.  I think it’s very necessary and Trina does a fabulous job at it.  Keep up the good work girl.  Now here we go, I battled back and forth on whether I should do one of Trina’s looks or one of Peyton’s. Sooooooooo, I finally decided on featuring them BOTH!  I had to, I couldn’t resist, LOL!  I ended up choosing Trina’s look from Booze+Ballet+Flowers that she posted on 5/23/2012 and Peyton’s look in Trina’s Weekend Style:  Mad Plaid post on 1/14/2013.  

And I just could not resist re-creating this look on Trina's adorable Baby Girl Peyton.  Isn't she such a Doll?  I love this baby and her pictures and outfits.  So here goes my take on her look! 
How do you like it Dolls?  Trina, I hope you and Peyton like it girl!


  1. this was awesome!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!

  2. What a great post!! I am tickled that you created babygirl's look...fabulous! Trina and Peyton are great inspiration.


    1. I couldn't resist Tavia! That is such a cute and fly baby!!!

  3. Gurl! Thank you so much for this awesome feature! You worked both of our outfits! I want your shirt like Peyton's! Thanks for all your sweet comments about the blog! Love ya!

    1. LOL!!! Love ya too Doll!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it Trina. I couldn't resist re-creating one of Peyton's looks! You guys are fab! That shirt is actually Tommy Hilfiger believe it of not, I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $10.

  4. I love both of your inspired looks and Trina's blog.. she and Peyton are always slaying with the fashion.


  5. Amazing styles...the little kid is so cute :)


  6. This was great!

  7. Trina & Peyton's style is awesome and you did a great job being inspired by them both!

    1. Thanks so much Liz! So glad you're following the series!!

  8. Very heartwarming and inspiring post! Girl's got style!

    1. Glad you found it inspiring!!! She has fab style!

  9. I love the fact that you take inspiration from other bloggers. You look fab in both mother and daughter's recreation...x

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