May 30, 2013

Hop Scotch Anyone?

Hey Dolls!!

I’m back taking pictures with my crazy photographer again.  Ya’ll know she ALWAYS has me doing some crazy posing and expressions in my pictures.  They turn out so fun, LOL!!  Even though Spring/Summer is in the air, I pulled out some darker colors and booties that are “on-trend” for this Spring/Summer season.
My Black and White top fulfills one of Spring’s biggest trends, so I decided to wear it with this playful skirt that I don’t wear enough.  Add booties, simple accessories and there you have it!  
Today I decided to pull these braids back in a ponytail and let the rest hang to create a bit of variety with these braids before I take them out. 
What I’m Wearing:  Marshall’s Shirt/Forever 21 Camisole and Studs/French Connection Skirt/Ann Taylor/Sunnies from Little five Points in Atlanta/Necklace purchased on eBay
I hope you Dolls have enjoyed your week so far.  Me, for one I’m ready for it to be over, LOL!!  Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait!  If I don’t pop back on here tomorrow, enjoy your weekend Dolls!!!
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May 28, 2013

Golden Wedding

Hey Dolls!!

I told you guys it was Wedding Season.  As promised as a follow up to my Secret Garden post here are the pictures from my friends Scott and Nikki’s Wedding.  Scott is my former co-worker and friend and after he introduced me to his then girlfriend Nikki, we became friends as well. 

I used to tease Scott all the time about NOT being a Gromzilla at his Wedding, LOL!  Although, he wasn’t a Groomzilla he had much to do with the  planning process, but I can’t blame him.  Their wedding turned out beautifully.  Nikki and Scott had their official wedding in Italy (Scott’s idea) close to where he proposed to her last year.  How cool is that?  The pictures they took were gorgeous. 

Since both Nikki and Scott have big families, they also had a blessing and Wedding Reception in town so that family and friends could come and see them become one and wish them well.  I enjoyed myself.  I even caught the bouquet - Ha!!!!  Take a look at the rest of the pictures I took below: 

Wasn't that fabulous?  All I can say is I'm so happy for you guys and Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Golden!!!