May 30, 2013

Hop Scotch Anyone?

Hey Dolls!!

I’m back taking pictures with my crazy photographer again.  Ya’ll know she ALWAYS has me doing some crazy posing and expressions in my pictures.  They turn out so fun, LOL!!  Even though Spring/Summer is in the air, I pulled out some darker colors and booties that are “on-trend” for this Spring/Summer season.
My Black and White top fulfills one of Spring’s biggest trends, so I decided to wear it with this playful skirt that I don’t wear enough.  Add booties, simple accessories and there you have it!  
Today I decided to pull these braids back in a ponytail and let the rest hang to create a bit of variety with these braids before I take them out. 
What I’m Wearing:  Marshall’s Shirt/Forever 21 Camisole and Studs/French Connection Skirt/Ann Taylor/Sunnies from Little five Points in Atlanta/Necklace purchased on eBay
I hope you Dolls have enjoyed your week so far.  Me, for one I’m ready for it to be over, LOL!!  Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait!  If I don’t pop back on here tomorrow, enjoy your weekend Dolls!!!
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  1. your skirt is so adorable!

  2. Black and white is timeless love skirt and the booties add spice to complete the look! SHOUT out to your photographer for capturing every ounce of flavor displayed in this post! As I scrolled through the pics I couldn't decide who you favor more...Me?..FatCat...or Keshai...PRETTY GIRLS ROCK!!!!#RockON!

  3. Cute fit! I love the black and white! Looks like y'all had fun taking pics!

  4. You look mega chic girl! Love that black skirt! So pretty xo

  5. Super sexy outfit.. Looking awesome in these latest fashion clothes.. :) XOXO

  6. Gimmie them glasses girl!!

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  8. Amazing appearance! Great fashion Senses!

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