June 27, 2013

Tribe Vibe

Hey Dolls!!

I hope your week is going well so far.  It's almost over so hang there.  I don’t know if you guys remember me documenting some of my very first thrifting experiences during my first year as a blogger.  Well, this skirt is one of the items I picked up back in 2011 and I’m just now getting around to wearing it...I know sad right.  But I loved it the moment I saw it and apparently everyone else does too!  I was happy at all the compliments I received on it. 

Come to think about it, I haven’t done a big thrifting haul in such a long time.  I need to get back in there, LOL!!  Thrifting can be so fun and OVERWHELMING at the same time, so I really just need to plan for it.  You guys know I will definitely know what I find if/when I go, so just stay tuned Dolls!
What I’m Wearing:  Forever 21 Shirt/Target Belt/Thrifted Skirt & Earrings/Envy Shoes - purchased at DSW/Louis Vuitton Purse/Random Wooden Bracelets/Talbot's Bracelet/Charming Charlie Necklace
I must say that I do LOVE this skirt, which has to be on of my BEST Thrift Store finds to date.  It might be one of my favorites.  When I wore it, I started thinking about how many other ways I could style this beauty.  Now that I have busted it out, be prepared to see it again. 
If you have a favorite thrifted item you can’t get enough of, let me know what it is.  I’m ALWAYS  interested to know things like that.  Until next time Dolls!!

June 24, 2013


Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well with you all.  Funny story about this blog post.  Silly me, so I usually have my friend take pictures of me for my outfit posts whenever we manage to get a break at work and this day I FORGOT MY MEMORY CARD  for my camera. So of course when that happens you can only take 3 pictures on my camera.  I was so frustrated and mad at myself.  But I felt like I looked cute so I had her use her iphone to snap these shots.  So forgive me for the clarity but, I wanted really to capture this look for you guys. 
I found this cute sunflower colored dress last year at my local Dillard's Clearance Center.  They have amazing finds.  I actually went randomly one Sunday after church and brunch. My fly girl KiKi told my sister (another one of my Fly Girls) and I about it and how they were having an amazing sale and we couldn't pass it up, LOL!  I think my sister also purchased this exact same dress, LOL!!!

I decided to pair it with this pretty necklace I bought at a jewelry party and these earrings I've had for years from Old Navy.  Finny how they worked so well together. 
What I'm Wearing: Dillard's Dress/Old Navy Earrings/Necklace - Purchased at Jewelry Party/Forever 21 Beacelet/Enzo Angiolini Shoes (old)
Well, that's it for today Dolls.  Forgive my forgetfulness.  I hope the pictures are that bad.  It won't happen again, LOL! 

June 18, 2013

Celebrity Men's Style File - Dwayne Wade

Hey Dolls!!
I’m gonna switch gears here a bit for What’s More Important Than Fashion?  I’ve wanted to incorporate Men’s Fashion and Style into my blog since inception but sometimes, it is difficult to find men that are as into fashion as I am.  I did get the opportunity to do it a bit within the past year featuring our first and second Fly Guy of the Moment Features.  We can agree that those two gentlemen have great style and I’m anxious to showcase more men that way. **Hint, Hint** 
Until that happens lets take a look at Celebrity Men’s Style.  If you guys don’t know, let me inform you that I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE NBA fan.  And to be specific, a Life Long DIE-HARD Los Angeles Laker Fan…Just so you know!  I could go on and on about my Lakers, but let me keep this post FASHIONABLE, LOL!

Being that it is NBA Finals time, I would like to highlight one of my Favorite NBA Fashion Stars….wait for it…..Dwayne Wade. 
Although, I am NOT nor will I even be a Miami Heat Fan, I have been a long-time fan of D.Wade’s style.  I feel like he is one of the few guys in the league that actually appreciated the strict and controversial Dress Code that David Stern imposed on the league in 2005.  It took some time for him to "get it right", I mean look at this baggy messiness back in his younger days:  
Siohvaughn Wade Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat and his wife Siohvaughn arrive at the 2006 ESPY Awards at the Kodak Theatre on July 12, 2006 in Hollywood, California.
That wasn't one of his best choices, but hey, it takes all of us some time to cultivate our style and he has done a good job at it.  Here are some of my favorite looks from Style Star Dwayne Wade below:
Now, the fact that he’s an athlete is a gift and a curse for styling him.  There are so many things that he can pull off because he is very fit and in shape.  However, he is a man of a particular height and is very muscular so that can be difficult in terms of styling.  Thankfully, D.Wade has a budget that allows him to choose clothing in a higher price range (which should provide greater quality), and he also has the ability to have items tailor made for him.  Note to the fellas – having a good tailor is very important and almost essential to men’s style.  

I think that D. Wade is a very stylish guy, whose style I truly admire.  He dresses appropriately for different occasions and functions.  Plus, his style has range, its not just one note.  There are so many things that he wears that, well - they just work! 

Now, as much as I give him high praises, he has caused quite an uproar in the last two years for his bold style, (definitely this year, LOL!) D.Wade has taken a lot of HEAT (pun intended - All Tea, All Shade) based on some of his riskier fashion selections.  Take a look at the “questionable” and HIGHLY criticized looks below:
In my opinion, I don’t think some of them work because like I said before, D.Wade is a man of a particular body type and stature.  These looks probably would have worked better on a smaller framed Fashion Forward guy.  Another reason, I think he’s gotten a lot of HEAT (ha, yeah I did it again-I couldn't resist) is because these looks have more of a European flare versus an American flare so MOST are not gonna accept them.  To give you an idea on who some of these looks are geared towards, take a look at the two body types below in comparison to D.Wade.  
Both of these guys are much smaller in stature and the look appears to fit them much better, regardless of if you like this Gucci suit they are wearing or not.  

Well Dolls, if I had to rate D.Wade from his overall Fashion perspective, he still is one of the BEST DRESSED (or styled) men in sports.  He’s definitely in my Top 5.  Hey, who doesn't have some misses during their fashion journey?  We can all look back and laugh at plenty of pictures of ourselves and say "what was I thinking?"  So keep up the good work D. Wade.  We’ll see you on the court.  Stay FLY!

NOTE: Pictures were pulled from various sources via google images.