August 9, 2013

Finance Friday - Haven't Saved Enough for Retirement? What to do?

Hey Dolls!!

Its Finance Friday time again.  Let's talk retirement.  Some may think that there is ever a point in life when its too early to think of such a thing. But I am here to tell you my friends that it is never to early to think about.  In fact, I feel like as soon as you begin to earn money, that is when you should start thinking about retirement.  I mean, NOBODY wants to work forever right. I know I live for the day I begin my retirement, and for those of you who don't know Retirement means never having to work again for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

I won't beat you guys over the head with it today, because believe me, I could go on, and on, and on about this (and I BE READY, LOL!).  Today, I am sharing this article from USA TODAY.  Read it, and you'll realize that people are out there in trouble (YOU may even be one of them), and it is the duty of Financial Professionals like myself to provide some help before its too late!  The bottom line is MOST PEOPLE haven't saved enough and there is a dire need to prevent this trend from continuing!

Please enjoy the link below. Its in your BEST interest.  Remember the financial issues you have in private will eventually become public!!!

Be sure to make note of all the things you need to think about and all the things that scare you and include your questions below!


  1. I need a good shove to go visit a finance planner! My hubs and I have been talking about this a lot, and we wish we'd started sooner.

    1. Hi Sarah! Its NEVER to late. I'm glad you're thinking about it. Make sure you and your husband go together. What state are you in Doll?

  2. Thank you so much for the inspo! I come from a Finance background but being in fashion has seriously done a toll on my "budget" - definitely got to get in check.

    Thanks for visiting Pursuit!

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  3. Thank you for all your sweet comments! Love this look the pop of color the print! AMAZING

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