August 23, 2013

Finance Friday - We Scream For Ice Cream!!!

Hey Dolls!!

I'm sure most of you can relate to that question we loved to hear as kids...Who wants ice cream and we would all scream I do!!! My question today is who wants Financial Freedom and we all say I do!!!  With Summer coming to a close, now is an ideal time to conduct an assessment of where you are before the fall and winter of life sets in and instead of screaming for ice cream we're screaming for help.

The stats bear out a very sobering fact that most people spend more time planning for a vacation (we scream for ice cream) than they do planning their retirement.  What's even more startling is that most people don't consider retirement as unemployment which for most will be a quick financial death.

Considering the average retirement account is less than $50K people will run out of money much sooner than they expect. How long with that  $50K last in retirement? What's Plan B for retirement? Where will I go when my retirement runs out?  All important questions that most neglect to consider.

The fact is that people can actually have their ice cream and some cake with it.  You're probably thinking how can I and where do I start.  Remember this post...Got D.I.M.E. where I showed you an easy way to determine how much insurance coverage you need?  Well, there is so much more to the story.

Sadly, many people don't know that their solution can come in the form of Life Insurance.  Please take a look at this video (5 minutes) for a brief explanation of what is currently going on for most people and what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones. 

 That video is just the background that highlights the severity of the need to begin to  examine your finances.  If you'd like more information from a Financial Professional, please send an email to: (Serious Inquiries ONLY please).

Stay tuned for more information regarding the benefits of Life Insurance as September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  


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