August 7, 2013

Full of Color

Hey Dolls!!

You guys have seen me wear this top before (here).  I just love it because it’s so fun and whimsical.  It makes me just want to perk up and smile because of the colors and designs.  The last time I wore it, it made it a bit more casual, this time I dressed it up just a little bit.  I wore it to work so I had to make it work appropriate.  That included adding a camisole underneath so I wouldn’t be exposing my back.  But with my braids being so long, people probably wouldn’t have even noticed, LOL!
I paired it with bright yellow this time, and that blue and orange really popped against it quite nicely. The outfit is very simple and carefree and that is definitely a win for me!  Fashion doesn't have to be complicated to be good!!!
What I’m Wearing:  Paper Crane (via Marshall's)/Thrifted Silk Pants/Zara Sandals/The Look Boutique Necklace/Forever 21 Earrings & Bracelets/Mark Ecko Bracelet (in blue)

This is a short and sweet one Dolls!!!  Enjoy your day!!


  1. You're absolutely right fashion does not have to be complicated sometimes simplicity is that much better! Love the color combination :)

  2. Hey girl. This is such a great color combo and look overall.

  3. Love the colors! Awesome combo!

    xo, Kenya

  4. Love this bold mix of color!!!! Love the braids!!!

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  6. i love your braids, im into braids these days.

  7. These colors are amazing together! In love with those shoes :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  8. I love that hair! I keep going back and forth on getting braids or twist. Takes too much time!

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  10. love the chevron print and the colors'


  11. Absolutely LOVE this look! The yellow is such a pretty color on you and those shoes are so fab!



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