August 21, 2013


Hey Dolls!!

I’m on a casual vibe today.  But there is no reason that you can’t be cute and casual.  As you guys know, RED is my FAVORITE color.  Although I don’t wear it as much as I used to, whenever I do wear it I’m a happy girl.  I’m also happy because I wanted to show off my new RED (and gold) Tory Burch sandals!  I am so in love with these cuties.  I bought these during my 4th of July shopping experience in Orlando.  There was a sale at the Tory Burch store and I couldn’t resist.  

Now these pants are truly a “Blast From The Past”.  They have to be at least 10 years old, no joke.  I know I bought them back when New York & Company was still called Lerner New York.  I’m telling you…OLD.  But they are cargo pants and I believe that cargos are classic and never go out of style, so I have held on to them for all these years.  Pulled them out and put them on and they work!
What I’m Wearing:  Fun and Flirt blouse/(Lerner) New York &Company Cargo Pants/Tory Burch Sandals/Flea Market Earrings/Forever 21 Necklace/Spiked Bracelet stolen borrowed from my home girl Dee, Tee Hee/Anna & Ava Bangles

Ok, Dolls, so I know that I clearly can’t be the only fashionista in the world that holds on to some items FOREVER.  Tell me what you’re hiding in that closet.  What item(s) do you have in your closet that you will never get rid of?


  1. Haaaa... We hold be holding in stuff! I'm a major pack rat! Shhh... Don't tell nobody! Your hair looks great & your pictures are ALWAYS darling!

  2. Like the red!

    Like the pants!

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