October 24, 2013

Fall and Winter Wish List

Hey Dolls!!

Do you guys feel the need to incorporate new items to your wardrobe as the seasons change?  For me it’s a yes and a no.  I live in a climate that doesn’t have very many seasonal adjustments so I can get away with wearing the same types of clothes longer than most. 

It’s a gift and a curse I tell ya.  LOL!! I love Winter and Fall clothes but don’t get to wear them that often or if I do wear them I don’t get much use out of them because I live in Central Florida.  That causes me to carefully consider the items I do purchase that I know I won’t get much use out of, especially trendy ones. 

Nonetheless, a girl still has her shopping desires and several Wish Lists on deck, right?  So here is mine Dolls. 
These are my specific wants to incorporate into my wardrobe for this Fall and Winter season.  They are on trend, reasonably priced and appropriate for the climate I live in.  

1.    Anorak Vest
5.    Denim Overalls
8.    Purple Lipstick
11.  Black Military Jacket

So far I have purchased the Kitty Kat Ears Derby Bowler (two  them, one red and one black) and the Denim Overalls (from a local Vintage Boutique for $22...SCORE!), so I'm not even close to being finished.  
So Dolls, tell me have you began to tackle your personal Fall and Winter Wardrobe Wish List items?  What kinds of items have you purchased so far? 


  1. Love this post !!!! I'm on the hunt for a leather blazer

    1. Thanks Doll!!! I have wanted the perfect black leather one for years. Let me know when you find one!!

    2. Thanks Doll!!! I have wanted the perfect black leather one for years. Let me know when you find one!!

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  3. Great items!


  4. I am searching for some leather shorts

  5. Those leather overalls are on point! xo


  6. Nice, nice, nice!

  7. Wow,such a lovely post. My wishlist is so ending all the time.
    Care to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?
    Drop me a comment, when you follow and i'll follow you right back.

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