October 20, 2013


Hey Dolls!!
I have wanted to do this post for a while and now with all of my excitement and anticipation of the upcoming biopic Crazy Sexy Cool:  The TLC Story, I couldn’t resist.  If you don’t know, now you know TLC is my favorite group of all time.  I was so TLC obsessed when I was growing up.  I, probably like many other girls who are now adult women used to rehearse and practice with my friends each and every TLC routine we could get our hands on.  We would do it literally like EVERYDAY!!!  Yes we would, LOL!!

In case you’re wondering which member of the group I was, I was Left Eye.  Just something about her spoke to me from the moment I saw the Ain’t Too Proud to Beg video up to her untimely death.  There was nothing you could tell me about Left Eye and she really could do no wrong in my eyes.  I just love this picture of her, Its my FAVORITE!!!
With all the media coverage surrounding the upcoming biopic, I have become nostalgic again about my favorite group and its just crazy how at the time, I had no idea how many barriers they broke in the music industry, for women, being brave enough to promote safe sex in a realistic manner, and of course fashion.  I mean in comparison to how things are today in entertainment, it makes the things that people criticized them for seem so small.  So, TLC is owed a lot of props for making things easier and acceptable for a lot of today’s top performers...You're WELCOME!
Now, I don’t know about you Dolls but TLC also heavily influenced my Fashion Sense.  I thought all their looks were so FLY and I love how they reinvented themselves with each CD release each time being edgier than the last.   

For me it didn’t just stop at the clothes, I wanted to get tattoos and the above the eye piercing, but my Mama shut that one down for real, LOL!!  Ah well.  Now, I tried to narrow the pictures down that I selected to Celebrate TLC with but there are so many that I love and I just can’t help myself.  So enjoy all of the pictures of TLC through the years.

Crazy Sexy Cool Era

FanMail Era

3D Era

Dolls, I hope you enjoyed that walk down memory lane of my FAVORITE girls TLC.  They are still and will forever be #1 in my book.  I can't resist with the pictures so here are some more!!  These girls are just EVERYTHING to me!!!

Left Eye - My Girl (Who I Thought I was)



T-Boz & Chilli - Carrying on The TLC Legacy
I’m trying to prepare myself for this movie.  I just want my girls to be portrayed properly.  I can’t wait to see it, but I can’t lie I will be a very harsh critic because I have been a student of TLC since they popped up on the scene.  So I know all the dance moves from the music videos and live performances and interviews and I will know if it’s not done right.  With that being said, will you all be tuned in…You know I will?  LOL!!  TLC is FOREVER!!!! 

Here are some of the pictures from the movie, they have done a good job recreating some of TLC's looks from back in the day:
I will be tuned in on the edge of my seat!!


  1. I had no idea T Boz was a cancer survivor. I saw her on Doctor Oz the other day.

    Maggie A

  2. The biopic was EPIC!!!! The characters were fitting but Lil Mama showed up & showed out!!!! The movie brought back soooo many memories!!!!! Kudos & great job!!!!

  3. super love this post babe:) they are my fave umm but some of their outfits tho lol

    My blog here www.islandchic77.com

  4. I LOVE TLC!!!! They were definitely pioneers of their time. It is so funny that you and your friends would pretend to be TLC because my little sister and cousin would too only my sister was Left Eye and I was Chili. We even made our ID cards for the band. LOL I have curly hair, so that's how I ended up being Chili. Love this post!

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