February 13, 2014

Tango for Two Dress!

Hey Dolls!!

Happy (early) Valentine's Day! I happen to love this holiday and all of the corny goodness that goes along with it, LOL.  If you follow me on instagram, then recently you've seen some shots of me wearing a headpiece with a veil that I love.  Veils are becoming one of my favorite accessories to wear and I definitely want to add more to my collection.  So when the lovely people of ModCloth asked me to participate in a style challenge, you can guess that my new favorite accessory was incorporated into the look.

More about the challenge...Ok dolls, so I was given this cute "Tango For Two Dress" to create an ensemble around it using up to seven other pieces currently being sold on ModCloth. I thought to myself, how cute and how appropriate for Valentine's Day is this dress? 

I went for a look that is Lady Like with a Vintage Flair.  With the dress being the key piece in this look, I decided to add some vintage elements to the look because they pair very nicely with the floral inspired lace overlay on the dress. 

The "Tango for Two Dress" along with the Veil on "The Upper West Stride Hat", The Lace Detail on the "Cool, Clear Night Clutch", and the Cat Eye element on the "Clear As Day Sunglasses" all give you the LadyLike and Vintage qualities of this look. 

The Playful "Cat In The Act Earrings" and the Geometric Shaped designs in the "Admirable Angles Necklace" give you the flair. 

All these items were paired together with a pair of neutral "Betsey Johnson Mirror Finesse Heels" with the adorable heart shaped cut outs to complete the look for the "Tango for Two Dress."

Tango for Two Dress!


Dolls, I hope you like this lovely look I created, and if you're anything like me, you'll be heading over to modcloth.com right now to see more!  Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Shopping Dolls!  Wish me luck in the contest!!!

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