March 28, 2014

Finance Friday - Couponing with Niesha

Hey Dolls!!

We're gonna do a first for Finance Friday this week.  Today's post will be a semi-guest post if you can imagine that, LOL!!  I say "semi" because all the credit for this post belongs to my Best Friend Niesha
Niesha has become a couponer and she has been getting fabulous deals all over the place.  This picture is a picture of one Sunday worth of Niesha's coupons. 
I asked Niesha to share her favorite coupon haul (so far) with my readers because you know we are all about being smart with money around these parts.  So here we go.  Niesha breaks it down for us on what she scored on her best haul to date. 

Here's one of my favorite hauls. 21 items for only $11.67!!! Breakdown: 

1. (1) Madison Pine Tree marked down from $39.00 to $9.75 (no coupon used).

2. (6) Gillette Gift Sets (includes razor, shaving cream and cartridge). Marked down from $9.88 to $2.47. Used six $3.00/1 coupons making it a $0.53 money maker in each.

3. (4) Packages of Christmas Napkins marked down from $0.97 to $0.24 (no coupon used).

4. (6) Twin Packages of Febreeze Noticables marked down from $9.47 to $2.36. Used six $2.00/1 coupons bringing them to $0.36 each.

5. (2) Packages of Rayovac Batteries regularly priced $0.97 used two $1.00/1 coupons making it a $0.03 money maker on both. *my daughter put them in her favorite flashlights* cashier forgot to scan the coupons so they're not on the receipt, was given my $2.00 when after checkout.

6. (2) Bags of Milk Duds marked down to $0.50.

My O.O.P. (out of pocket) for regular retail would've been $161.92.  Holiday mark downs total $41.93 but my total after coupons was $13.67 minus the $2.00 the cashier owed for the missed coupons so $11.67!!!! That's 21 items for roughly $0.55 for each item not bad...not bad at all!

I'm continuously amazed at all the deals Niesha manages to get.  She is fairly new to the game but she's well on her way to quickly becoming a "Master Couponer" with her little organized binder and all.  I tease her all the time but what she's doing pays off.  Not only is she saving money for her family, but she also donates items she coupons to the homeless and the less fortunate.  Talk about paying it forward!

As you can see there is kind of a skill set required for the art of couponing.  If you'd like to know more about couponing check out Niesha's recommended sites below:

Also, Social Media is your friend when it comes to couponing.  There are groups you can join on Facebook, Couponers to Follow on Instagram, and Hashtags you can search on Twitter and Instagram for helpful tips from some of the top couponers out there and don't forget about Google and Youtube.

Well Dolls, I hope this information helps.  As usual, you know I want to hear from you.  Are any of my lovely readers couponers?  I know I have some fabulous thrifting fashionistas out there, but what about couponers?  Let me know!

March 26, 2014


Hey Dolls!!

I wanted to share something with you that I thought was really cool.  I love when Fashion and Wardrobe Stylists give you the raw details of how they do what they do.  A few days ago I came across this video of Beyonce’s current style team Ty Hunter and Raquel.

In this video they both go into explaining that Beyonce first shares with them her vision of what she wants the clothes to convey and their responsibility is to bring her vision to life with clothes and costumes. 
I love the fact that there is an array of designers that contributed to the fashionable looks for The Mrs. Carter Tour. The viewers are taken through each major piece used on the tour.  The stylists also show how they go about reaching out to various designers and collaborate with them to create the looks that embody Beyonce’s vision.  They start by sending sketches before the look is approved and turned into clothing.  Nothing is done without her approval.

Some of the designers include Givenchy, Versace, Vrettos, Stuart Weitzman, Michael Costello, The Blondes, and David Koma.  Some of my favorite looks from the Mrs. Carter Tour are the Versace designed “Bow Down Jacket” and the "Givenchy look" that was created to depict the look she wore in the “Bow Down” video but upscale and enhanced for the stage.  I was also amazed at the Versace gown she wears that took 300 hours to make.  
Well enough of my yammering on and on about it, take a look for yourselves Dolls!!  Enjoy!
Photo Credits:  Stills from Beyonce's 'Behind The Scenes: Wardrobe' video.
Beyonce's YouTube Channel via

March 23, 2014

Fashion and Fun!

Hey Dolls!!

Quick post on this fabulous Sunday!  I wore this look actually last Sunday when my Mother and Cousin were still in town visiting me.  We were out and about a bit that day and ended the night at a comedy show to see a funny Florida comic Benji Brown.  If you don't know who he is, you can look him up on Youtube, he is hilarious.  One of my favorite skits and routines for him to do is his character KiKi.
Anyhoo, I posted a picture of me on Instagram wearing this look and I got a few inbox inquiries on the outfit details so I decided post them here for everyone on the blog.  These pictures were taken with my camera phone so don't kill me for the quality guys, LOL!
What I'm Wearing:  L'Amour by Nanette Lepore Top/Olsenboye Pants/Faux Leather Baseball Cap via JCPenney/H&M Earrings/Ann Taylor Booties/Gifted Necklace/Zipper Bracelet via Burlington Coat Factory/Gifted Beaded Bracelet

Carla's Wearing:  Tank via Nordstrom Rack/Joe Fresh Jeans/Sam Edelman Booties

Mama's Wearing:  Thrifted Blouse/Thrifted Pants/Thrifted Shoes/Forever21 Earrings/JCPenney Bracelets

We really enjoyed ourselves during their visit.  I always enjoy it when family comes in town.  For you Dolls who want to see more of funny man Benji Brown take a look at the video below.  LOL!!!  Fashionable Funnies indeed.  

March 20, 2014

MIA 2 The Bay Fashion Show

Hey Dolls!!

I must say that I'm happy about the amount of events that have been hitting the Tampa Bay area as of late.  I have been telling you guys for a while now about the M.I.A. 2 The Bay Fashion Show on Instagram and Facebook.  I found out about M.I.A. 2 the Bay from the event coordinator Tamika when she reached out to me on Instagram.
You guys know me, I LOVE fashion and really love Fashion Shows, so without a doubt I was on board. 
 M.I.A. 2 The Bay was not just a Fashion Show it was a FULL Fashion Weekend filled with fashion, modeling, and entertainment.  These events were geared towards Miami Style and Tampa Fashion to connect with a portion of the proceeds being used to give back to Tampa and Miami families and children.
This show allowed Tampa's local boutiques and shops as well as up and coming designers to display their items as vendors as well as present pieces during the runway show.  The lines included clothing for men, women and children which I LOVED.  You don't always get a true representation for children's clothing at Fashion Shows. 
In addition to the clothing and entertainment line ups I have to give love to the models who participated in the show.  They were fabulous with very nice runway walks.  The kids were my favorite, they were all vibrant and full of life which made for a fabulous show.  We were also entertained between designers by the Fashion Show host King who kept the show moving and the crowd engaged. 
This was the very first MIA 2 The Bay Fashion Weekend and I think the ladies did a fabulous job.  Tamika and Zebrina and their team put on a fabulous event weekend for the Tampa Fashion community.  These ladies were very professional and creative in their approach.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for their future endeavors I'm sure the will continue to provide us with even more fabulousness!  Kudos Ladies!  MIA 2 The Bay was a hit! 

Photo Credits:  Donovan James Photography
                         Daniel Gerber of Dance Cafe LLC- FotoCafe & Events

March 18, 2014

Peanut Butter

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well with you.  I know you guys come here and hear me talking about how blessed I am to live in Florida and enjoy beautiful weather virtually year round.  But I have to let you guys in on a little secret, we have some "cold" days too.  I'm sure they are in no comparison to what's considered a real cold day in other states.  Nonetheless, when we do have our "cold" weather I like to take advantage of it in a fashionable manner.  
So when we had our little temperature drop I wasted no time jumping into this fabulous leather skirt I found while thrifting.  I have been on a mad hunt for leather skirts for about 6 months now.  My Mama actually found this one for me on one of her trips down here while we were thrifting.  I LOVE it.  This neutral color can be rocked with virtually EVERYTHING!  I'm so glad I found it. 
I paired it with this shirt I found while thrifting as well.  As I've told you guys in the past, I love when I can rock fully thrifted looks.  You know that NOBODY else is gonna have on what you have on.  That is the beauty of it all!!!
What I'm Wearing:  Thrifted Blouse/Thrifted Leather Skirt/Dolce Vita Pumps/Natashab1980 Earrings/Ann Taylor Bracelet/Random Ring
I'm still on the look out for more leather skirts.  They are "my thing" of the moment.  I even have my Mama and my Aunt in St. Louis on the look out for some because they are thrifting queens, so between the three of us we should come up with something good.