March 26, 2014


Hey Dolls!!

I wanted to share something with you that I thought was really cool.  I love when Fashion and Wardrobe Stylists give you the raw details of how they do what they do.  A few days ago I came across this video of Beyonce’s current style team Ty Hunter and Raquel.

In this video they both go into explaining that Beyonce first shares with them her vision of what she wants the clothes to convey and their responsibility is to bring her vision to life with clothes and costumes. 
I love the fact that there is an array of designers that contributed to the fashionable looks for The Mrs. Carter Tour. The viewers are taken through each major piece used on the tour.  The stylists also show how they go about reaching out to various designers and collaborate with them to create the looks that embody Beyonce’s vision.  They start by sending sketches before the look is approved and turned into clothing.  Nothing is done without her approval.

Some of the designers include Givenchy, Versace, Vrettos, Stuart Weitzman, Michael Costello, The Blondes, and David Koma.  Some of my favorite looks from the Mrs. Carter Tour are the Versace designed “Bow Down Jacket” and the "Givenchy look" that was created to depict the look she wore in the “Bow Down” video but upscale and enhanced for the stage.  I was also amazed at the Versace gown she wears that took 300 hours to make.  
Well enough of my yammering on and on about it, take a look for yourselves Dolls!!  Enjoy!
Photo Credits:  Stills from Beyonce's 'Behind The Scenes: Wardrobe' video.
Beyonce's YouTube Channel via


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