March 20, 2014

MIA 2 The Bay Fashion Show

Hey Dolls!!

I must say that I'm happy about the amount of events that have been hitting the Tampa Bay area as of late.  I have been telling you guys for a while now about the M.I.A. 2 The Bay Fashion Show on Instagram and Facebook.  I found out about M.I.A. 2 the Bay from the event coordinator Tamika when she reached out to me on Instagram.
You guys know me, I LOVE fashion and really love Fashion Shows, so without a doubt I was on board. 
 M.I.A. 2 The Bay was not just a Fashion Show it was a FULL Fashion Weekend filled with fashion, modeling, and entertainment.  These events were geared towards Miami Style and Tampa Fashion to connect with a portion of the proceeds being used to give back to Tampa and Miami families and children.
This show allowed Tampa's local boutiques and shops as well as up and coming designers to display their items as vendors as well as present pieces during the runway show.  The lines included clothing for men, women and children which I LOVED.  You don't always get a true representation for children's clothing at Fashion Shows. 
In addition to the clothing and entertainment line ups I have to give love to the models who participated in the show.  They were fabulous with very nice runway walks.  The kids were my favorite, they were all vibrant and full of life which made for a fabulous show.  We were also entertained between designers by the Fashion Show host King who kept the show moving and the crowd engaged. 
This was the very first MIA 2 The Bay Fashion Weekend and I think the ladies did a fabulous job.  Tamika and Zebrina and their team put on a fabulous event weekend for the Tampa Fashion community.  These ladies were very professional and creative in their approach.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for their future endeavors I'm sure the will continue to provide us with even more fabulousness!  Kudos Ladies!  MIA 2 The Bay was a hit! 

Photo Credits:  Donovan James Photography
                         Daniel Gerber of Dance Cafe LLC- FotoCafe & Events


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