March 18, 2014

Peanut Butter

Hey Dolls!!

I hope all is well with you.  I know you guys come here and hear me talking about how blessed I am to live in Florida and enjoy beautiful weather virtually year round.  But I have to let you guys in on a little secret, we have some "cold" days too.  I'm sure they are in no comparison to what's considered a real cold day in other states.  Nonetheless, when we do have our "cold" weather I like to take advantage of it in a fashionable manner.  
So when we had our little temperature drop I wasted no time jumping into this fabulous leather skirt I found while thrifting.  I have been on a mad hunt for leather skirts for about 6 months now.  My Mama actually found this one for me on one of her trips down here while we were thrifting.  I LOVE it.  This neutral color can be rocked with virtually EVERYTHING!  I'm so glad I found it. 
I paired it with this shirt I found while thrifting as well.  As I've told you guys in the past, I love when I can rock fully thrifted looks.  You know that NOBODY else is gonna have on what you have on.  That is the beauty of it all!!!
What I'm Wearing:  Thrifted Blouse/Thrifted Leather Skirt/Dolce Vita Pumps/Natashab1980 Earrings/Ann Taylor Bracelet/Random Ring
I'm still on the look out for more leather skirts.  They are "my thing" of the moment.  I even have my Mama and my Aunt in St. Louis on the look out for some because they are thrifting queens, so between the three of us we should come up with something good.


  1. Love that skirt. Work it out hun. I need a closeup of those pumps...they look fabulous. Hope all is well. xoxo
    Natasha B|Fashionably Fabulous

    1. Thanks girlie!!! I was so happy to find it. I'm on the hunt for more in different colors! If you want to see a close up of my pumps there is a picture of them on the banner at the bottom of this page.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Doll!!! Let's stay connected!!!

  3. Beautiful buys, can't believe it's thrift-ed. Love the print in the top!

    1. Thanks Doll!!! I was so happy to find them. The more I thrift, the more I find. I LOVE it!!!


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