April 20, 2014

Easter Leopard

Hey Dolls!!

I hope you all are enjoying Easter with your families and loved ones.  I have truly enjoyed Easter 2014.  I decided to wear this cute leopard print Joe Fresh I got a fabulous deal on.  I paid a whole $6.97 for this dress...yesssssssssssssss!!!  Can't beat that Dolls!
What I'm Wearing:  Target Earrings/Joe Fresh Dress/Steve Madden Sandals/Tory Burch Purse/Ann Taylor & Talbot's Bracelets

Well that's all for today Dolls!!  Enjoy the rest of your Easter! 


  1. Great look and fit on you and to think it was less than $7.00. You got such a great deal!!

    1. Thank You Doll!!! And I LOVEEEEEEE a deal like this. The Best!


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