April 14, 2014

Sporty Chic

Hey Dolls!!

Question for you...how often do you follow fashion trends?  Often? Never? Sometimes? Randomly?  Well, I can't say its easy for me to answer that question. If I had to answer I'd say it depends on how that trend works for me.  Its probably obvious why I asked that question.  If its not so obvious, I'm asking because I'm rocking the "Sporty Chic" trend today.

The Sporty Chic trend has been going hard for about a year now.  I think last year the trend was more focused on dressing up traditionally athletic pieces and mixing them in with office and weekend casual looks and girly heels. This year I think the trend totally leans more towards statement jackets and coats with more traditional clothes and a bold statement with a more athletic shoe. I've seen the Nike Air Max worn a lot these days.
I have to say I am here for the Sporty Chic trend no matter how its served up unless they bring back tennis shoe heels and I'm done.  I mean, I've gotta draw the line somewhere Dolls!  But I guess you can say in today's look I'm rocking more of last year's trend, but to me it still works.
What I'm Wearing:  H&M Hoodie/Target Denim Shirt and Tank/I Heart Ronson Skirt/Forever 21 Heels and Earrings/BCBG and Target Bracelets
Like I said Dolls, I'm here for this trend because I am truly a girly tomboy (when it comes to style) at heart.  So the Sporty Chic trend is like music to my ears. Bring on the jerseys, leather baseball caps, letterman jackets, embellished sweatshirts and Air Max and let's continue to make them chic Dolls!


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