April 24, 2014

Spring Forward

Hey Dolls!!

I know I look like a bag of Skittles but I just had to do it for Spring!  When Spring hits, there are days that I love to be colorful as much as I possibly can and this just...happened.  Color on top of Color on top of Color.  I'm wearing very simple items that have a bit of flare to them.
What I'm Wearing:  Joe Fresh Blouse/Banana Republic Pants (thrifted)/Praral Gurung for Target Pumps/Forever 21 Earrings/Necklace Purchased at a Jewelry Party/Juicy Couture Bracelet & Purse
So Dolls, do you ever find yourself going into color overload like I did with this look?  I feel like my accessories bring life to my solid color top and pants so it doesn't feel like too much.  Even though there is a lot of color to take in, I used the accessories to play up the look more. So its a lot of color in small doses.
I'm also finally rocking my purse and bracelet that I purchased from the Juicy Couture Orlando Outlet's Store Closing sale.  I got such fab deals on these (and several other items), I couldn't resist adding them to this look. 


  1. "Do it for the Spring..." LOL! You look beautiful! Love the bright colors, perfect for the sunny Florida weather!

  2. Love the colors and I could never get tired of them. You look Great!

  3. Great colorful look!


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