May 5, 2014

Which Shoes?

Hey Dolls!!

Are any of you out there shoe lovers?  I’ve come to find that most women are.  I know I am.  Being a shoe lover can be a great thing, but sometimes it can cause fashion dilemmas like the one I’m having in this post, LOL!!  The dilemma is that I couldn’t decide which shoes to wear with this little dress. 
This Joe Fresh dress another one of my great buys from JCPenney (yep, this was $6 too…Ha!).  I love this little dress and I have so many different pairs of shoes that I can wear with it.  I went back and forth between these two pairs of booties because I like them both with this dress.
What I'm Wearing:  Joe Fresh Dress/Forever 21 Earrings, Ring & Heart Shaped Necklace/H&M Horn Shaped Necklace/Betsey Johnson Bracelet/Bakers Gray Open Toed Booties/LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Black Booties

Well Dolls, It actually all came down to comfort. I chose the Black Booties because as cute as the gray ones are, they are for short periods of time not a full work day and I wore this dress to work so I couldn’t take it with the gray booties.  I get up and down and walk back and forth too much in the office to have hurt feet.
But all in all, it’s great to know that I have options because you have to be creative with dresses.  They are not always the most versatile article of clothing to wear.  So shoes help with that.  I mean I know I can layer this dress to give it a different look, but shoes are very important to a look and I LOVE having OPTIONS!


  1. Cute dress...I like the grey shoes the best!

  2. Cute !!! I like the grey shoes

  3. Lovely dress on You and for that price you totally scored. I have to say that I like the grey shoes best but the black shoes are just as nice. Enjoy!

  4. love that dress and i love the grey shoes with it!

    Niki @ Cheapalicious

  5. omg that dress is everything!


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